Weekend Bits: Harry Potter Festival, the Homework Takedown, and the Cutest Baby Costumes You Will Ever See

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Yes, we’re going to continue to go to town talking about our first video appearance, or what we’ve come to call Riding in Cars With Wee Wander. Watch Christy do a drive-time interview Lauren Boggi of Lithe in a Audi Q7 SUV!!

If you haven’t already seen this, please PLEASE indulge us here: This mother’s costumes for her sleeping baby are nothing short of brilliant. Squee-factor off the charts. Via HuffPo.

Holy s**t! Is this the colonel’s secret recipe? Grub Street has the scoop.

NPR takes a slightly wider look at the Down With Homework movement than just what we’ve all seen on Facebook.

If you, like me, are obsessed with making to-do lists, then this Science of Us post will get you excited: “You Should Copy This 100-Year-Old To-do List Model.”

Head House Books is hosting a release party September 12 for Jennifer Weiner’s first young adult book, The Littlest Bigfoot. Jennifer will be there for discussion and a signing!

Yippeeeee! Chestnut Hill’s Harry Potter Festival is happening again: Save the date for October 21 and 22!

Big News: Wee Wander Makes Its Video Debut!

Wee interviews Lithe’s Lauren Boggi about running an empire, mom guilt, Beyonce and Bossypants … in an Audi …. on camera! Read more

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Well, guys, it finally happened: Wee has been talent-scouted.

It’s true! For its latest campaign, Driving Forces, Audi paired with Philly Mag to connect some of the region’s most remarkable women (see: Lauren Boggi,  the rock-star founder of Lithe Method, Lithe Foods, Lithe Wear and the new online fitness program, Lauren Boggi Active) with some of its, ahem, savviest media types (see: yours truly!) and put us in their glorious, all-new Q7 SUV for a few minutes of driving and talking.

As you can see in the video here (or below), Lauren gave a great little interview over a couple of minutes of rapid-fire questions about parenting, work-life balance, her favorite advice, and, yes, GPS systems. And as for me, well … all I can say is that I’ve earned a new Wee badge for interviewing someone while driving around Center City in the nicest SUV I’ve ever been in. (Has Diane Sawyer ever conducted an interview while driving a seven-seat luxury vehicle? I think not!)

So! Without further ado … Audi’s Driving Forces Interview with Lauren Boggi and Wee Wander.

Ps. Yes, the Q7 freaking rocked. Audi, if you’re listening, Wee would love a company car. Just sayin’.
Pps. This is the first interview of a series! Keep watching here for more!


Wee Bits: The Most Underused Vaccine, Parent-Friendly Companies and Why Your Baby Probably Already Has a Philly Accent

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Nope, sorry, Fit Pregnancy. Stop trying to make baby-shower games happen. Nobody wants them. (Okay, MAYBE the Play-Doh baby thing. Maybe.)

A $600 Epi-pen? It’s criminal.

Whoa: This piece in the Science of Us says that babies learn accents before they’re born –and you can tell because all of their cries sound different.

Love seeing in this Philly.com story about Zion Harvey — aka, the adorable boy who got the double hand-transplant at CHOP last year — and how he’s doing so well a year on. Love this kid.

Tell your new-mom friends: Perri Shaw Borish is starting a new session of her Postpartum and New Parent Therapy group sessions at Center City Pediatrics. Group starts Wednesday, September 7.

Evidently,the HPV vaccine is the “most underutilized vaccine available for children,” according to the NYT Well blog … for all the reasons you might suspect, despite the fact that it prevents deadly cancers.

I never tire of reading stories like this one in Parents about the innovative ways some companies find to support parents. (I mean, nothing tops this Fast Co. article about Patagonia, but still.)

This CityLab story is depressing, but simultaneously fantastic: Adding washing machines in schools boosted kids’ attendance.

PlayArts! A New City Play Space

Kids’ classes, kids’ playtime, kids’ creative center … and parents will love it, too. Read more

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If you get excited about the news of a new indoor play space in the city (and how can you not, really? We could open a play space in every ‘hood, and the city still wouldn’t be near saturation point), then just wait until you see PlayArts: The Fishtown newcomer isn’t just bright and light and airy — really, absolutely stunning — but it’s big enough to offer space for parents (in the form of a gleaming little cafe), for babies (in the form of a soft, colorful crawl-around area), and for toddlers and kiddos (in the form of a massive classroom, two smaller private rooms, and a giant main room with multiple play areas, a custom play house, a reading nook … and so much more).

But beyond the square footage and the visuals, there’s a bunch more to this place that seems pretty special. Here’s everything you want to know. Read more →

Weekend Bits: The Genius of Onsite Childcare, a Walnut Street Theatre Casting Call, and Helping Syrian Families

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I know you’ve all seen it, and I certainly have nothing profound to add here. I just can’t stop looking at this little guy, whose eyes remind me of my son’s. (Doesn’t he remind everyone of their own children?) A devastating reminder, lest we forget why Syrians are fleeing their homes. Here’s the International Rescue Committee website, where you can donate money to aid Syrian families.

In better news: The onsite childcare that Patagonia provides to many of its employees is super awesome — especially when, as this Fast Company story reports — they end up recouping more than 90 percent of the money they spend doing it. It proves that if a company wants it enough, innovation that favors employees is possible. You gotta read this story; it’s amazing.

Love this list from the Washington Post on 24 books, for preschoolers through high-schoolers, that show the value of empathy and kindness.

Great news per Be Well Philly: There’s a new pedestrian/bike bridge that connects the Schuylkill River Trail to Valley Forge National Historical Park! 

The Philadelphia Zoo is busy baby-proofing the gorilla exhibit for the new baby gorilla coming this fall. It’s pretty adorable.

The Walnut Street Theatre has issued a casting call for little “munchkins” for The Wizard of Oz, which starts production in November.

Hey parents — the Philly Art Center has just unveiled a new line-up of classes, after-school sessions and vacation camps, and online registration for the fall is now open!

Fun event alert: Kids at Play in East Falls is hosting a “parents night out/kids night in” Thursday, August 25. Open to kids aged 4 and up — one kid is $35, the second is $25. Check out details here.

Well this is adorable: Your kids can call the mayor to tell him about the books they’ve been reading this summer.The mayor!


Wee One-On-One: Tina Dixon Spence

In which one Philly supermom shares her favorite stuff Read more

buddha babe tina dixon spence

The mom: You might not know Tina Dixon Spence, mom to Jeremy, 22, and Baron, 2.5 — but we bet you know her work. Tina’s the brains and talent behind the awesome Buddha Babe bibs (and blankets, and teething rings) you’ve been seeing around the city for a while now. In fact, she just launched AW16 — her fall collection of fun toddler scarves and maybe the most adorable printed bibs yet, as well as gift sets, swaddles and the cult-fave Buddha Blankies. But running that growing company isn’t the only gig for the No Libs resident: “By day, I am an Executive Assistant. I’ve been an EA for various companies — big and small — for most of my professional career. Basically it entails keeping track of another CEO’s life, which is kinda scary considering I have my own runaway train to keep on track as well! Since I became a business owner, I have really started to appreciate my role at work and desperately need the kind of support that I give to my boss. This assistant needs an assistant!” Read more →