Gear Up: Makeup Favorites

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clean makeup for moms

Like many people I know, in my slow (very slow) roll toward making everything greener, cleaner and safer in our house, I’ve changed out a whole bunch of stuff in my pantry — as well as my cleaning products, my laundry detergent, our sunscreens, my kid’s soap, our food storage containers, and etc, etc, etc. My makeup, though, I’m sorry to say, is another story … sort of my own personal final frontier of healthier choices. I just haven’t mustered the energy to figure out which of the many, many “cleaner” makeups out there should replace my beloved (but chemical-laden) drugstore stuff.

So in an effort to jump-start a long overdue shift from probably-toxic to non-toxic (or less toxic?) makeup, I do what I always do: Asked mom friends who know things. So! Here’s a quick crowd-sourced cheat sheet on some tried-and-true favorites picks when it comes to cleaner beauty.   Read more →

Wee Bits: Life-Altering Septa News, 30 Things to Make Your Kid Happier and a Killer Spa Deal

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This is a great little list from 30 Little Things That Mean a Lot to Kids 

Y’all! Tuesday, October 4 is an entire day of free mini-concerts put on by the Philadelphia Orchestra. They’ll be playing all over the place, from Rittenhouse to Reading Terminal to The Porch at 30th Street Station to South Street’s Triangle Plaza and way beyond. Check it out!

No reason to share this little bit from The Atlantic this other than pure amazement: Roller coasters help people pass kidney stones?! (You have to click on it to see the picture!)

This Atlantic piece, however, has everything to do with parenting, specifically with momming: The Protective Power of Morning Sickness. 

LIFE-CHANGING NEWS ABOUT SEPTA. (At least in my house, where scrambling to find 9 quarters has become a bi-weekly ritual.)   Read more →

The Philly Baby & Family Expo is Going to be Awesome

11 reasons why going to this event — on October 16th — is the smartest thing you’ll do all month Read more


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If you haven’t heard, the first Philly Baby & Family Expo is coming to Philly on October 16th. (The awesome event, put on by A Child Grows in Philly, is at the Marriott on 12th and Market streets.) This the kind of event Philly has long needed. You’ll meet local experts, check out products, and have fun with your kids. Here, 11 more reasons why this is an event that is not to be missed.

1. Because Your Kids Can Bang on a Drum All Day! Thanks to their sponsors, Primp & Play and Music Monkey Jungle, your kids will have the time of their lives in the kid-friendly Playroom. Your future rock stars can drum, dance and play with the Music Monkey Jungle team, and your budding Picassos will have the opportunity to create some musical make and take crafts. Do you have a kid who likes a little pampering? Primp & Play has you covered with mini manis and a lip gloss making station (1 for $6; 2 for $10) as well as the chance to make their own bubble baths and bath bombs ($10/each). There really is something for everything in the Expo Playroom!

2. Because You Have 5 Baby Carriers and Don’t Know How to Use Any of Them. If you’re still trying to master that gigantic swath of woven cloth that someone told you was the ONLY way to carry your baby, this is the event for you. They are thrilled to have local baby-wearing expert, Kelly Lunkwitz, founder and owner of Carrying Our Future, on hand all day long to provide expert assistance with those sometimes confusing wraps, slings and carriers. You’ve got this. Read more →

Wee Love: Zojirushi (Unspillable, Miracle) Stainless Mug

A must-have for chilly fall mornings Read more

Zojirushi coffee thermos

It strikes me every year at about this time — that is, the great moment when mornings brisk and chilly — how much I love and need to evangelize about the word’s best coffee thermos. It’s called the Zojirushi mug, and yes, I know I’ve mentioned it before, but I cannot tell you how glad I am on these mornings to own the lockable, stainless thermos that keeps the coffee hot from the moment you leave until well after lunchtime … but stays cool to the touch on the outside. When the thing is locked, it’s so air-tight that I can just toss it, like, totally worry-free, into my purse (which is the only way I could possibly carry a coffee at all, given that I’m usually also hauling my kids’ rest mat, his lunch, his stroller, and etc.). Cleaning the two or three parts that make up the lid is a little annoying, but no more so than any of your kids’ bottles or thermoses. So: Two Wee thumbs up, forever.

Wee Bits: A Cool Festival of Lights, the Truth About Teeth Sealants, and When You Look Pregnant (But You’re Not)

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news philadelphia

Hands down, the very best thing anyone has seen this week. (This month?) From NPR: “‘He will be our brother’: Boy, 6, Asks Obama To Bring Syrian Boy To Live With Him.”

Wow, this light festival at Boathouse Row looks like it’s going to be really special. Happens this weekend, per uwishunu.

When in doubt, go with the teeth sealants. (Via the NYT.)

OMG, this is all kinds of insane, also from the NYT: When You Look Pregnant, But You’re Not.

Thanks, Foobooz, for this helpful list of the best tacos in town, by neighborhood. 

Just your friendly reminder for the week that the awesome CityKids Consignment Sale is October 8 and 9!

Wow, this is totally fascinating, from the Atlantic: The Medical Mystery That Turns Hair White Overnight. (No, it’s not having children.)

Cool idea: You can now borrow instruments from the Free Library, per

Generally speaking, I care not for celebrity views on parenthood, but I found this round-up of people’s quotes about miscarriages to be moving.From

The Science of Us asks: Can Mark Zuckerberg (and $3 billion) cure disease? 

Another interesting piece from Science of US about how (and why) toddlers see something one time, and think it’s the norm. (Seems true, from a parenting perspective! “We had ice cream last night, which means we have ice cream EVERY NIGHT, right?”)

The People We Love Because of Our Kids

How does your child grow your heart? Let us count the ways Read more

people we love

Before I became a mom, when everyone would talk all the time about all the love you feel as a parent, I assumed they were talking about love that was directed at the child you just birthed. But I was wrong: It’s more like that scene in The Grinch when his heart grows three sizes — your capacity for affection for your fellow man just expands, especially as it relates to your kid. (Or maybe you’re just drunk from tiredness? But who cares? It’s great.) The list of people to love in this life just keeps growing, beginning with:

1. Daycare and preschool teachers.
I could weep with gratitude every time I think about the women who have watched and taught and loved (and who are still watching and teaching and loving ) my little guy. A former editor of mine once wrote that when someone is kind to your child, you love them forever. Never have truer words been written. Not to mention that our life together, mine and my husband’s, and our family’s life as a unit — our jobs, our sanity, our meals, the whole bit — wouldn’t work without them.

2. The in-laws.
Not that I didn’t love them before, but now, well … my kid has my husband’s family’s blood running through his veins. If those aren’t ties that bind, I don’t know what is. Also: Free babysitting.

3. The crossing guard.
Hey, thanks for smiling and waving every day, Miss Diane! We talk about you and that wave the whole two blocks leading up to your corner. 

4. Swim teachers, Soccer Shots coaches, storytime readers.
May everyone in your life show you the infinite patience and compassion that you lovely people have shown my crying, talking, wandering or otherwise not-paying-attention kid, and also the 20 other not-paying-attention kids you’re trying to wrangle. I think we all owe you a drink or 10. Read more →