Gear Up: Stuff To Help You (and Your Kid) Stay Cool This Summer

From popsicle molds to cooling sprays to a face roller, here’s 8 tools for dealing with swampy weather Read more

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It’s about to get real sweaty for the season, which means it’s time to break out all of our favorite cooling gear. What gear? We’re so glad you asked that question. Here, some faves for us moms, for the kids, for the whole family. Yay, summer!

For you:
The Nourishing Rosewater Mist from Beauty Counter.
This stuff is a toning spray that smells like roses — it’s moisturizing and cool and light, and a couple of sprays to the face feels sooooo good, especially after you’ve been running errands on your lunch hour and need a quick refresh, or you need a quick cool-down before you walk out the door, or right after you get in. The bonus is that it’s good for your skin.

Almay Makeup Eraser
So technically, these smart little q-tips don’t cool you down, but they do help you feel fresh and put together after your face starts melting. A pal of mine always keeps these in her office desk; I swipe them all the time. A midday swipe under your eyes never fails to make me feel immediately tidier and pulled together — and it will amaze you how much makeup and grime they remove from under the eyes, especially after you’ve been sweating.   Read more →

Wee Bits: Saying No To Our Kids, Mom Pay Versus Dad Pay, Beware the Hot Dogs, and Some Memorial Day Fun

Reads, news and fun tidbits for Philly parents Read more

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There’s not much to say about this week’s act of violence but God bless the parents, children and people of Manchester.

Saying no to our kids isn’t just good for their character — according to this NYT piece, it’s good for their brains.

24 great things to do this week in Philly — including Memorial Day weekend ideas –– from the always-helpful (if painful to spell) UWishUNu.

Deal alert: Y’all, for a limited time, you can get a summer playspace membership at Nest for $150. 

No matter where you live or how much education you have, if you are a mom, you make less than dads make. (Insert red-face emoji, followed by crying emoji, followed by the emjoi just lying there in a coma from exhaustion over all of this sh**.)  Via the Cut.

I have asked the same question the Washington Post just posed literally every single time I watch one of those “Tiny Homes” shows: How do couples live in tiny homes without killing each other? (Also, do these people not need privacy, like, ever? I have so many bathroom questions.) Read more →

Wee Endorsement: Parks on Tap

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For the second summer in a row, Parks on Tap — that roving pop-up beer garden that travels from one public park to another — is back. And we’re here to tell you: It’s awesome. It’s awesome for families, awesome for date night, awesome for girls’ night. In short: Take advantage!

On Friday night, we took our three-and-a-half-year-old, joined by our neighbors and their 7-year-old twins, and bopped over to Fairmount Park’s Azalea Garden, the site of the first park that’s been tapped. It was a big old time. The set-up includes some breezy tents, a few dozen picnic tables and chairs, hammocks, lawn games, balls and toys set out for the kids … plus, of course, drinks (a great variety of draft beer, beer cocktails, frozen cocktails, wine, a frozen lemonade to die for) and simple, quality food (mostly sandwiches, sausages, and snacks). It’s low-key and convivial and fun — and it’s also especially family-friendly in the earlier hours. The organizers (it’s a collab between Philly Parks and Rec, the Fairmount Park Conservancy and Avram Hornick of FCM Hospitality) have done a bang-up job creating a lovely new way to enjoy your local park with minimal effort on your part.

We brought blankets for sitting, as well as our own water bottles and pizza for the kids (we were told so long as it fits into a bag, there’s no problem bringing your own stuff!). The pizza turned out to be a good call because it was suppertime and, as you might imagine, the lines for food and drink were on the long side. (The wait is totally worth it, but it’s also worth bringing snacks/drinks in your bag if you’ve got impatient littles!)

This week, Parks on Tap heads over to FDR Park; the following week, it will be at Belmont Plateau — and for the 17 weeks thereafter, it will be at 17 different parks. The P.O.T. schedule generally runs on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 5 to 10 p.m.; Fridays and Saturdays from 1 to 11 p.m.; and Sundays from noon until 10 p.m. You can see the full schedule here.


We Tried It: Swim Lessons with Fitness Alive

This newly expanded, South Philly-based swim school gets two Wee thumbs up Read more


My five year old can’t swim.

I chalk this up to an apprehensive disposition, the fact that she’s growing up in the city, and, well, me — I don’t really love pools myself. (Sidenote: My mother-in-law is an Olympic swimmer. She has a medal. Seriously. I can only image how she feels about this sitch.)

It’s time for her to learn.

Sasha had taken private lessons with Holly Waters a few years ago, and she is an awesome instructor, but we weren’t very consistent and Sasha wasn’t quite ready. Holly has expanded her business by leaps and bounds since then and now has a full-fledged swimming program, Fitness Alive, with nine instructors (and counting!) and a full menu of classes. The classes run out of Fitness Works in South Philly, but they can come to your pool, too.  Read more →

New Camp Alert: A Camp That Makes the Most of the City

From urban farming to cupcake making to mural design and more Read more

playarts camp fishtown

Perhaps you noticed that earlier this week we ran a Wee One-On-One with PlayArts owner Krista Yutzy-Burkey, and perhaps you also noticed that she mentioned a new camp that PlayArts is offering this spring/early summer. It’s a cool new addition to the camp line-up around here, and we wanted to share with y’all the full scoop. So:

They’re calling it a “bridge camp” because it’s just three weeks in June, meant to help work as a stopgap between the end of the school year and the official start of many summer camps. It sounds rad, too, because PlayArts is partnering with local Fishtown businesses and artists, so kids can go on neighborhood adventures — they’ll bake bread at La Colombe; they’ll learn about mural creation with artist Miriam Singer; they’ll design cupcakes with pros from Cake Life; they’ll do some urban farming at Greensgrow. (Other partners include Front Street Cafe, Fairmount Water Works, artist Janell Olah and more!) Meantime, the rest of the day at the full-day camp will include arts and crafts, music, playtime and team-building activities.

The first week starts on June 12; camp runs from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (Before-care is available at 8 a.m., and after-care goes until 6 p.m.) It’s $300 per week (with extra charges for any before- and after-care). Annual members get discounts.

Want to learn more? Check out the site!


Wee Bits: A New Fancy Wawa, Dangerous Childbirth, Male Rompers and Tinder for Moms

News, events, great reads and other juicy tidbits for Philly parents this week Read more

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Hey, here’s a new app, Peanut, that’s like Tinder for finding mom friends. Via NYT.

Did y’all read this story (or hear it, via NPR) about how moms are in danger during childbirth because all the attention is paid to the infant? It’s both heartbreaking and shocking.

Agree, Deadspin. Agree. 

Huh. I guess this isn’t terribly surprising, but this story on why Americans are drinking less milk these days was nevertheless interesting. Via NPR.

Yum — some good kid-friendly chicken recipes from

Some locations of the Free Library are offering audio-enabled books that read to you as you flip the pages. 

Philly Curbed reports that East Market is getting a big, glorious new Wawa! (And it will have a bakery and a made-to-order salad line!)  Read more →