Heads Up: CityKids Consignment Sale Is Coming

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citykids consignment sale

Time to mark your calendar for the weekend of April 14 and 15, folks: Those are the dates for the giant CityKids Consignment Sale down at Neumann Goretti High. And, per usual, there’s going to be a ton of awesome gently used stuff — clothes, shoes, bouncies, carriers, strollers, toys, costumes, games, ride-ons, and more — for SUPER-LOW prices. (We’re big fans, can you tell?) But beyond saving the date now, what you really need to know at this moment is that they’re still taking volunteers to work the sale (and volunteers get to shop early, before everyone else gets their shot). Also — while the slots to sell your stuff are full at this point — the organizers are also still welcoming donations. (And honestly, who doesn’t have stuff to get rid of?) Interested?  Details (including how to volunteer and donate) are here.


Wee News: A NEW Indoor Play Spot In the City

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kith and kin

Here’s some happy news, guys: The city’s getting another indoor play space, and it’s going to be big (3,000 square feet!), and it’s going to have classes for kids and for parents … and it’s going to have a cafe, and it’s going to have birthday parties, and it’s going to have a boutique, including a spot for gently-used kids’ clothes. (Wheeeeee!) Kith + Kin — meaning, of course, “friends and family” — will be located in Brewerytown (at 31st and Jefferson). At this point, the owners are planning a July debut, with classes kicking off in September.

The brains behind the biz here are Brewerytown neighbors and moms Eden Coffey, a nurse who’s worked in nonprofit spheres, and Jess Jones, who comes from a business background as a buyer with Urban Outfitters. Both women have kids under the age of 3, and they found themselves wishing for a family-focused gathering space near their own ‘hood — somewhere that would offer some fun open play space for little ones and their parents. “When I became a mom,” Eden says, “I started having an intense, almost instinctual desire to find a community, to find other parents to go through the journey with.” So when the two eventually decided that they would be the ones to create the type of place they’d been craving, the parenthood aspect (classes, yoga, workshops, support groups) was a must. So was the idea of accessibility for all families — and so they plan to offer families with Access cards 50 percent off drop-in and class costs, Eden says.

As for the kids’ activities — they’re pairing up with “some exciting people” to offer fun children’s classes (more on those details down the road!), and planning on a play area with a structure for climbing and sliding, as well as stations for building, imaginative play, an infant pod, and more. “And lots of adult seating,” Eden says. “We want adults to want to hang out there, too!”

Exciting, right? The website is still under construction (though if you go, you can sign up for the mailing list), but you can follow Kith and Kin on Instagram now (@kithkinphilly) and keep your eye out for news and updates — including some Kith and Kin pop-ups over the summertime. And of course, we’ll report more as it all unfolds.


Wee Bits: Raising Boys, Amazing Amazon Hacks, Risky Playgrounds, Student Walkouts and Shocking Obits

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If y’all haven’t seen the incredibly smart feature New York mag did on raising boys in these times, I highly suggest you check it out. It is fascinating. One piece in particular struck me: Why I Threw Out My Son’s Guns.

The New York Times ran a fascinating piece about the movement to add risk to playgrounds in Britain. 

YOU GUYS: Am I the only one who didn’t know that Amazon did this? You can kill two birds with one stone: Save yourself a trip to Goodwill AND feel less guilty about all those Amazon boxes you’re recycling all the time. Read more →

Wee Bits: The Baby Girl Bias, Dolly Parton, New Preschools and More Reasons To Whip Your Phone Out

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wee bits wee wander

Let’s start with a laugh, shall we? The Toddler Feelings Helpline bit from McSweeney’s is hilariously, painfully spot on.

And now a (happy) cry: This awesome epilogue to the viral photo of the little girl enamored with Michelle Obama’s new portrait is about the sweetest thing ever.

Hey, they’re making famous women Barbies now: Frida Kahlo! Amelia Earhart! Katherine Johnson! (Via HuffPo.)

Wee is an official supporter of any movement to expand street-sweeping in Philadelphia. 

NPR reminds us that there is not any human being on the planet as pure and wonderful as Dolly Parton, who just gave away her one millionth free children’s book.

Mama’s Wellness Joint is launching a new “spring fling kids’ yoga” series, running every Sunday from 3/11 to 4/8, aimed at kids 3 to 5 — you can register for all ($60) or drop in for $17 a class. Here’s the details!

As a mother to both a boy and a girl, I am just sad about this NYT story about Americans deciding they might prefer to have girls. You worry about both, don’t you, for different reasons.

Yay, dogs in schools! (Via KQED) (Although: What about kids who are allergic?)

Ack, Daylight Savings is this weekend. (DEEP SIGH.) Not-a-Peep sleep consultant Maria Lopez has some really useful tips for all of us trying to maintain some sort of sleep schedule for our little ones.

Y’all! Music Monkey Jungle is now at Phield House AND Reading Terminal Market. Check here for the full schedule — they’re basically … everywhere!

Ash did a roundup for Philly Mag featuring a handful of the new daycares and preschools in town. Helpful!

Also helpful: Parent Coach Brandi Davis has a $10 “Move Your Mornings” webinar coming up, focusing on techniques for getting out of the house in the morning without yelling. March 22, 8 p.m. Info here.

OMG, did you see this piece in the NYT about trauma surgeons detailing how hard it is to repair injuries from military-style weapons? You won’t soon forget it.

Also from the NYT: This will make you feel less guilty/self-conscious about constantly having your phone out, recording your kids.

Calendar alert: This Sunday, March 11, from 3 to 5 p.m., the Philly Art Center is hosting a party to celebrate their anniversary — 14 years in Fairmount, 7 in Queen Village and 3 in Chestnut Hill! Y’all can party at each location FOR FREE, and do art — sculpting, felting, sewing and comic-drawing — and sign up for summer camp there for 25 percent off.


Wee One-On-One: Ashley Reid

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active mom fitness philadelphia

The mama: Ashley Reid lives in Northern Liberties but works all over the city as the owner of Active Mom Fitness, a training biz she started a little over a year ago (we wrote about it here!) that focuses on “the unique fitness opportunities that meet the unique needs of moms.” (As mother to Hayden, who’s 3, she understands firsthand how hard it is to feel good about your fitness during and after pregnancy, and to find the time to squeeze in workouts as a mom.) She does personal training, small group training, classes — the whole deal. Not only does she love working with so many inspirational women, Ashley says, but “I truly believe the training programs I offer should be  standard of care for women during and after pregnancy (and beyond!) … so I feel really fortunate to be able to be a resource for Philly moms.”


Where does your little one attend daycare/preschool/school? My daughter goes to Mi Casita Spanish Immersion Preschool. Appreciating other cultures and learning another language is important to me, and I’m really glad she can be a part of that at a young age. Plus her little accent is soooo cute!

Favorite kids’ classes: Since Hayden is in school, we don’t go to classes as often anymore, but we’ve always loved  sensory play at Play Arts. I love that she can make a mess that I don’t have to clean up! We also enjoy Baby Word Play, not just for the classes, but their great book selection. I offer fitness classes for moms and their kids at Lume Creative Learning Studios and Hall Mercer, so I love those places as well ☺ Read more →

Summer STEM Camps

A few excellent options for your little campers

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iD tech camp philadelphia

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As summer draws nearer and nearer (and your calendar reminders to sign up for summer camps ramp steadily up), we’ve got a cool one — actually a handful of cool ones — for your consideration. The iD Tech Summer Camps, which run at universities all over the region (including Penn, Villanova and Bryn Mawr!), offer some really cool options for kids 7 to 17 who are interested in anything from video game design to robotics to virtual reality to filmmaking … and beyond.

Each camp offers a slightly different experience: At Penn, the week-long day camps are aimed at kids 7 to 17, and offer courses on things like game design, robotics, AI and machine learning, and cool coding projects. Meantime, the day- and overnight options at Villanova include those things, as well as virtual reality, 3D modeling/printing, filmmaking, photography, and more. And at Bryn Mawr, there’s a special all-girls “Alexa Café” camp, wherein the kids can learn coding, design, film, and engineering in small, collaborative clusters. The curriculum emphasizes leadership, entrepreneurship, and philanthropy — and the camp runs week-long day and overnight options for girls ages 10-15. (Really, you should go to the sites and check out the options of courses — the descriptions are incredible!)

All of the camps include hands-on, pressure-free, personalized technology instruction that’s delivered in a fun, kid-friendly way. The whole ethos behind iD Tech revolves around the idea that technology shouldn’t be intimidating or uninspiring for kids — rather, that it’s cool, meaningful, even life-changing. And intermixed between the tech courses are some normal summer camp activities — the kids get a chance play and burn some energy and make friends and build cool STEM skills in areas like coding and robotics. (Don’t you wish you had a summer camp like this?)