Outings: Celebrating Veterans Day With Kids

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independence seaport museum

Don’t know about you guys, but to me, this particular moment of time in our world feels like an apt moment to consider and appreciate our freedoms — and to consider the people who have worked and are working to secure them. On this Veterans Day — November 11 — the Independence Seaport Museum is offering an excellent way to teach our kids about veterans and the reasons we celebrate them. In addition to hosting their annual Veterans Day Ceremony, the museum is also offering several family-friendly activities: Kids can make pinwheel poppies, write cards to veterans (which will later be distributed at the ceremony), and play board games that require military-like strategy.

The ceremony itself (geared toward adults, but certainly fine for families) will be held on Cruiser Olympia, the oldest steel warship afloat in the world. (The cruiser is best known for bringing home the body of the Unknown Soldier in 1921.) It begins at 2 p.m., and honors both our active military and veterans. The activities geared toward the kids will take place inside the museum starting at 10 a.m. If you know the Seaport Museum at all, then you know they do an awesome job with engaging little ones: In addition to the activities, you have the added bonus of being on the water, watching boats sail by — high-level entertainment for the toddler set.

Here, the details:
When: Saturday, November 11. The ceremony starts at 2 p.m., the more kid-friendly events start inside the museum at 10 a.m.
Where: The Independence Seaport Museum at 211 S. Columbus Boulevard
Cost: The ceremony itself is free to attend — though the space is limited. You’ll want to register here to guarantee a spot if you want to go. Meantime, for the kids’ stuff, it’s just a regular admission fee of $12 per kid, and $16 per adult. (Free for kids 2 and under.) Admission into the museum is free for military veterans and those on active duty, as well as museum members. Families of military members get a discounted rate.

Interested? Read more about the event here.


Wee Obsession: Rothy’s

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rothy's shoes

Okay, so yes: I first saw these shoes, Rothy’s, probably the same place you did — advertised on my Facebook feed. (Sidebar: You know you’re old when a) Your web history leads direct marketers to believe that you are someone who might get excited about sensible shoes, and b) you really are someone who gets excited about sensible shoes.) I think I clicked on that advertisement about 50 times to ogle the cuteness.

But what really sold me on them — besides the cuteness, I mean — was the fact that my obstetrician was wearing them one day when I went for an appointment. This is a woman who spends countless hours on her feet, who gets — in her words — a whole bunch of icky stuff on her shoes on a regular basis. (Ha! Ew! Ha!) We talked at length about how they’re washable, and how they’re made from recycled water bottles, and how they’re ridiculously comfy, and SO CUTE.

Anyway. I caved. (Well, my husband caved. They were a birthday present.) You will note that they are not cheap. Okay, fine, I’ll just say it. They’re $145 for the pointed-toe flats, $125 for the rounded toe ballet flats. I know!! It’s a lot. Truly, I have never spent that much on a pair of flats in my life. BUT: They are designed to last forever, I’m told. And they are like wearing slippers. I can walk the mile or so back and forth to preschool in them, without foot sweat, without blisters, without feeling like I’m really even wearing shoes. The pointed toe (and my red camo print) felt slightly chicer, so I went with that — but I think the rounded toes are adorable, too. I love them deeply. I feel like a French girl in them. A sensible one. But still.*





Wee Bits: Vetri in the Schools, Sucky Whole Foods News, the French Version of #MeToo, and a City Pumpkin Patch

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I say this to myself all the time (and usually fail at it): You Can’t Enforce Screen-Time Limits If You’re Always On Your Phone. Sigh. It’s hard. (Via the Cut.)

How cute is this? Sunday Fit4Mom Family classes! 

This is really cool:  Marc Vetri’s and Jeff Banjamin’s Vetri Community Partnership just got a massive grant from GlaxoSmithKline to launch the Vetri Cooking Lab, an after-school program that engages students in hands-on cooking and nutrition activities. There will be 1,200 kids in Philly and Camden who get to be a part of the program over the next two years.

Speaking of good food: Thank you, Sidecar Bar & Grille, for giving families earlier brunch hours AND a special smart little kids menu AND inexpensive Rival Bros. Coffee. You complete us. (Via Foobooz.)

Lastly, on the food front — some sucky news for fans of the new Whole Foods (or anyone who lives in the vicinity): Wiz Kid and Cheu Noodle Bar are both pulling out of the grocery store. Sad trombone. (Also via Foobooz.)

It’s Harry Potter Festival time, y’all! (And I, for one, feel like a little magic is what we all need right now. Bring on the Sorting Hat.)  Read more →

Open House Preview: St. Peter’s School

Because there’s no better way to learn about a school than to go visit

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St. Peter's School Open House

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As y’all know, fall means many things for parents around these parts: It’s leaf-peeping and cider-drinking; it’s pumpkin patches and apple-picking and tiny puffer vests. It’s also Open House season for area schools — and on Saturday, October, 28, you can check out St. Peter’s School, a nearly 200-year-old Philly institution.

St. Peter’s, for the uninitiated, is an independent co-ed school for preschoolers through eighth graders from all over the city (and beyond). The school, which was founded in 1834 (!), is located in Society Hill, and it’s known for its small class sizes, a focus on leadership skills, and a rigorous learning environment balanced by a commitment to what they call “the preservation of childhood.”    

Curious as to how that translates in real life? The Open House is a really excellent way to find out. You’ll meet the faculty, tour the campus, learn about the various advantages of a preschool-through-eighth-grade school, and get a real sense of what St. Peter’s School is all about, and the attributes that make it stand out. The Upper School students actually give the tours, so you can grill the kids on their perspective, and get to know the school as your child would. Read more →

Wee News: Primp & Play Parties

Out with the old, in with the new venues Read more

primp & play philadelphia, spa parties

If you, like us, were bummed when you heard that Primp & Play on 10th Street had closed last month, well … nobody would blame you. There’s nothing else like it in the city, after all — a kid-friendly spa where moms can come and get their nails done while kids do art projects; a spot for adorable little-kid spa treatments; a place that hosts birthday parties at the spa and also hosts at-home parties, too.

Anyway, turns out we needn’t be bummed: The place closed due to building/lease issues, but owner Tara Murphy has still been busy offering at-home parties, which she says have been increasingly popular over the past year and a half. What’s more, though, is that Primp & Play has also just landed a new spot in the city for weekend pop-up parties: They’re currently offering both home parties AND shindigs at 1500 Chestnut Street, inside the Ellington Building. With more square footage and multiple rooms, the new party space actually allows for bigger parties, Tara says — and it’s a nice option for families who don’t want (or can’t squeeze) a bunch of kids inside their house. (Hi, city dwellers!)

As for the scoop on P&P parties (whether they’re in the new venue or at your house): They do set-up, decoration, plates and napkins, cleanup, and — of course — the entertainment in the form of crafts and/or spa services. There’s a whole range of activities to choose from, as you can see on the site — clay jewelry-making, make-your-own bubble bath, chocolate facials, glitter tattoos, braiding, canvas-painting and lots more. (Got questions or want to book a party at home or in the new spot? Email  hello@primpandplay.com.) 

In the meantime, if you’re missing the old place and its drop-in services, you should know that there are more full-service Primp & Play spas are on the horizon: The company is in the process of selling franchise locations, which means you’ll likely see another spot — or spots! — pop up soon in the city and surrounding areas. (We’ll keep you posted on the whereabouts!)



Wee Bits: Shady Ladies, Cool Glowing Pumpkins, Free Art Classes, a Baby-Sling Workout and a Pumpkin-Spiced Disaster

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My sources tell me that Fairmount Park’s The Glow is really, truly awesome. (It certainly sounds awesome in the Philly.com story, with “pumpkins stacked into 18-foot-tall dinosaurs; carved into skeletons on motorcycles; piled into archways; sculpted into musical instruments; and fashioned into Philadelphia icons such as the Mummers, the Liberty Bell, Benjamin Franklin, and street art.”) I’m in!

Another good one to have on the radar (and it’s FREE): The Wagner Free Institute of Science is hosting its annual RAPTORS! A Spooky Creature Feature — an event for kids of all ages focusing on “the sky’s most fearsome predators.”  Saturday, October 21, from noon to 4 p.m., there will be live bird demonstrations, scavenger hunts, crafts and more. Costumes are encouraged! And did we mention it’s FREE? Preregistration is encouraged but not required and can be done here.

One more Halloween-y thing: Sing Along Princess Parties (a company that specializes in kids’ parties) is throwing a little Halloween Bash off of Cottman Avenue on October 28th from 1 to 3 p.m., and — squeee! — Moana, Sophia, Beauty, Cinderella and Rapunzel will all be there. Tickets ($30/kid and $10 for adults) include snacks, singing, dancing, trick-or-treat-bag decorating and more.

I loved (LOVED) this photographer’s series in the New Yorker of his wife breastfeeding their kid. It’s beautiful and intimate and maybe the realest thing I’ve seen in a while. Read more →