Outings: Sister Cities Park, Fall Edition

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Sister Cities Park Philadelphia

Mini-makeover alert: The fab Sister Cities Park at 18th and the Parkway has been winterized. (Autumnized?) 

Sure, it’s a drag that the awesome boat pond has to be drained for the cold-weather months. (What, no pint-sized ice-skating rink?) But in its place is a clever, spongey little play place with a bouncy ground, big foam blocks (perfect for fort-building) and plenty of room for kids to climb around and burn off some energy. Christened the Imagination Playground, it might not thrill the older elementary-aged children the same way the boats do, but for small kids and their parents, the park still a lovely little go-to — especially since there’s the treat of hot cider and cocoa (also: really solid chai lattes for you) at Milk and Honey when playtime is done.

Bonus note: Every Saturday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. for the rest of October, the Center City District hosts “family fun days” at the park, featuring games, snacks, a costume parade, and more organized merriment.

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