Rescue Spa: Moved and Improved

Help for thinning postpartum hair, makeup for tired eyes, and a place a mom can find a little peace. Can we get an Amen? Read more

New location of Rescue Spa Philadelphia

The gentle music, the fluffy robes, the total and utter lack of that diaper/peanut butter/dirty little foot smell: For a mom, time spent in pretty much any spa is a treat, no? 

But then there those special spas that do more than just provide a little retreat, a decent pedi, a relaxing massage — they have ways of making you feel better about yourself than you remembered you could feel. Rescue has always been one of those spas. (I have more than once publicly declared my love for the transformational power of a Rescue facial; friends swear by both the eyebrow threading as well as the massages.) And the bigger and improved Rescue at its new location on 1601 Walnut Street? It’s one of those spas, times about 10. Especially for moms. Here’s why:

Now you can stop crying in the shower.
The new space is almost double the size of the old one, and houses a whole bunch of new features and services. One of those services is hair care — blowouts and scalp treatments and so forth. The scalp care, says owner Danuta Mieloch, is basically an extension of the fabulous Rescue facial … and they’re using the French Rene Furterer line, which boasts a slew of oils and treatments for strengthening and growing thinning hair. Hear that, postpartum moms? Treatment for hair loss!

Because some dark circles need professional help.
In addition to the two new makeup counters (one of which is the French By Terry line, which is famously good for your skin), they’ve also added a free makeup session with the in-house pro after any service. (A no-brainer!)

Just way better than yours.
Let’s don’t underestimate the power of taking your own sweet time in a gleaming bathroom without any tiny fists pounding on the door. The old Rescue locker rooms were lovely, but small: The new upgraded ones are expansive, with a steam shower and an infrared sauna. I’d make an appointment just to lounge in there with a magazine, a cocktail, and some friends for a couple hours.

You can check it out for yourself this week, as a mini-treat: On Friday, Rescue is hosting a FREE skincare and hair care event from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. (If you miss it, there’s also a FREE skincare and makeup event on December 18, from noon until 7 p.m.)