Get Juicing, Kids!

Philadelphia juice and smoothie spot Sip-n-Glo rolls out a kid-friendly (and kid-approved) menu. Read more

As far as I see it, there’s only one problem with Sip-n-Glo, the months-old juice and smoothie shop on South Street: It’s so good, that I wind-up having to share my juice with my daughter. (“Juice! Sip! Juice! Siiip, Juuiiiccceee” she screams, on repeat, until I give in.)

Well, that all changes today. Affable owner Kristin Lubsen is adding a kids menu, which has a selection of eight ounce cups, for only $3.50. “It is the best feeling when you see a kid take a sip, and keeping on sipping ’til it’s all gone, without coming up for air,” says Lubsen. “To know that we have just helped a little one get his or her daily nutrition in is really cool.”

The kid-approved menu:

  • Apple-Spinach Juice
  •  Orange-Carrot Juice
  • Honeylove* Smoothie (spinach, banana, honey, cinnamon, Greek yogurt, almond milk)
  • Better Together Smoothie (strawberries, banana, almond milk, Greek yogurt)

And how cute is this? Adds Lubsen: “We made the kids menu small, simple and color friendly. This way they can come in and say ‘I want the orange one’ and we will know exactly what they are thinking!”

For launch day (today) there’s a special treat. To support Moms In Training a Team in Training group that Sip-n-Glo sponsors, you’ll get a free eight-ounce orange-carrot juice with any purchase when your child mentions “Moms in Training”.

*A word about the Honeylove. It’s the best smoothie I’ve ever had and my family and I would drink it by the gallon if we could. (Actually, maybe they’ll add a gallon option to the menu next?) But in all seriousness, if you haven’t been, Sip-n-Glo is a great spot, with fresh ingredients, great tasting, healthy, feel-good concoctions, and a super-friendly staff.

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