In-Town Vacay: Hotel Monaco

Need a night to yourself? You don’t have to go that far. Read more

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My two friends and I had been talking about getting away for a weekend. (I cringe to write anything like “girls weekend” or “mom weekend” but really, that’s what it was. We needed a break! One that involved giggling like schoolgirls and cheap wine.) We had first kicked around the idea of a spa weekend. But reality set in, and it became a weekend in Atlantic City. Once reality chimed in again, here’s what was doable: A fun hotel in town, which would be only a cab ride away from our husbands and kids, yet would feel like we were actually somewhere else for a few hours.

We decided on Hotel Monaco, the newest, swankiest, hotel in town. Here were the highlights (and why this gets a full Wee endorsement for any type of we-just-need-a-night-to-ourselves, er, night).

1. Every Saturday from 4 p.m. to 5 p.m., in the vibrant lobby, there is a free kid’s hour for hotel guests. I walked over with my husband and daughter, checked in, and we snagged an area with some oversized couches. When my friends arrived, we got a round of drinks from Red Owl Tavern, which is across the hall, and my daughter went to town on all the cute stuff that’s out for the kid’s hour: Candy! Animal crackers! Toys! Games! She was totally entertained by all her new treasures while we kicked the wine back.

2. At 5 p.m. the sweet treats are swapped out for cold wine, because from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m. there is also an adult happy hour for all hotel guests with free (!) wine. We said goodbye to the fam, sat back, and the servers kept our glasses full. The lobby gets really crowded, too, adding to the fun.

3. The rooms rock. Kimpton Hotels (the owner of Hotel Monaco) are known for their quirky design, and the rooms were super cheery with bright wallpaper and comfy beds.

4. The location, near Old City, is great for a night out. It has a great rooftop bar that’s half enclosed. And it’s so close to great restaurants and dancing. Or …

5. The location is also great for delivery. Because after two hours of drinking in the lobby, and three tired moms, you know what we did once we got to the room? We put on our pajamas, ordered a bottle of wine, got delivery pizza from Slice and cookies from Insomnia … and giggled all night.