Spring Openings: Franklin Square and Smith Playground

Does this mean it’s really springtime now? (Please?) Read more

Franklin Square Philadelphia

Two weeks ago, buried as we were in endless, soul-sucking amounts of snow, it seemed pointless at best (and cruel at worst) to point out that the wonderful Franklin Square had opened for business for the season, as of March 1.

But now! Now we’ve had our first taste of spring — and now we’re chomping at the bit to do something — anything! — in the great (or even just not freezing) outdoors.

Happily, every day between the hours of 10 a.m. and 5 p.m., you can now take your crew to awesome Franklin Square for some playground time, or some mini-golf and carousel rides. Wait another week, and Square Burger will be re-opening, too (March 22).

You should also mark on your calendar the spring return of Smith Playground. On March 29th, the beloved playground is hosting its launch party for the season: Playapalooza will go from noon to 3 p.m., offering the debut of a new play area, plus some celebratory playground time, drinks and snacks, hands-on science-y stuff from the Franklin Institute, crafts, and a whole bunch of more organized fun from folks like Zoomdance, the PMA, Arden Theater Company, and more. The event is free for members, and $10 per kid for non-members. (Buy tickets here.) (And then pray the snow really will Just. Quit. Already.)

Meets the Wee standards:

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Photo credit: George Widman for HPI