After-school Activities at Nest

Not all the fun classes are during the day. Here are some great afternoon options Read more

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The kids get out of school around three … then what? Nest has some creative after school programming for big kids and their little siblings. (Three cheers for forced bonding time!)

Is your kid arty?
There’s a Tuesday Art-Tastic class at 4:30 p.m for kids aged 3 to 6.
What to expect: In this 50-minute class, your little Picasso will craft several projects, like homemade sidewalk chalk and tile mosaics. They even get to play (safely, of course) with some pint-sized tools.

Is your kid active?
There’s a Thursday gymnastics class at 3:30 p.m. for kids aged 4 to 7.
What to expect: Kids of all skill level will learn the fundamentals of gymnastics, explore the balance beam, and work on bar- and floor exercises as they progress throughout the year.

Got a jitterbug? 
There’s a beginner dance class at 4 p.m. for kids aged 4 to 7.
What to expect: This class touches on all types of dance — ballet, jazz, tap and hip-hop. Fundamental techniques are taught alongside interactive songs and games. Kids will also learn important life skills like turn-taking, personal space and motor development.

All of the students in these classes will get to show off their stuff (art projects, tumbling routines, dance recital) at what promises to be an adorable showcase in June.