Kid Party at the World Cafe!

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All Around This World Philadelphia

Here’s a way to change it up this weekend: Hit up a party on Saturday morning hosted by the wonderful Jay Sand from All Around This World music. He’s going to be celebrating International Make Your Own Instrument Day (what, you don’t celebrate that at your house?) with a whole big interactive event that sounds awesome. (Ps. It’s supposed to rain on Saturday.) Here’s the details!

What: All Around This World, Live at the World Cafe
Where: Um, the World Cafe Live over at 30 and Walnut.
When: This Saturday, June 21, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.
The scoop: The family-friendly party is going to consist of two parts: The first half will be a hands-on instrument-building session, where the kids (and parents!) can create global instruments (Chinese gongs, say, or Egyptian sistrums or African-style tongue rattles). The second half will feature the 10-piece All Around This World Global Orchestra — the real-deal, with percussionists, singers and horns — playing songs from all over the world. (Again, it’s interactive, and geared toward engaging kids of all ages, from babies on up to grown-ups.) It’s going to be cool. There’s no lunch, but there will be Kind bars for snacks.
The cost: $10 a ticket, which you can buy at the door, or on the WCL site.¬†Also, it’s free for babies under one.
Wait, is there a Wee contest where I can win free tickets? Funny you should ask! If you like this post on the Wee Facebook page, then yes, you will be entered to win two tickets to the party! Go check it out now!

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