Three Random (But Incredibly Helpful) Resources For Nursing Moms

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Medela Philadelphia

File this one under Things About Breast Pumps I’ve Learned the Hard Way. Possibly y’all already know all tips and tricks related to such things already, but on the chance that even one other soul can be spared my cluelessness and talent for finding every possible obstacle, then this post will be worth it.

Word to the wise, new and expecting mamas: Medela, the company that makes, sells and rents breast pumps is AWESOME, with great products and outstanding customer service. Word to the wiser, pumping moms: If you break your pump within the first year you bought it, don’t immediately hit up your local list serv and start looking to scrounge up (and pay for!) a replacement. Do call the company and they will send you a replacement pump immediately. The customer service rep asked me to email a copy of the receipt to them (hear that, expecting moms? KEEP THE RECEIPT), but honestly, before I had even sent them anything, they’d mailed me a replacement pump. That thing was on my stoop within 15 hours of my phone call. The warranty for the pump lasts up to a year, and can literally save you hundreds of dollars.

Need replacement parts, new pumps or rental pumps in short order? If we’re talking about the city (as opposed to the ‘burbs, where you can usually get to a Babies ‘R’ Us with relative ease), then My Fabulous Mama on South Street carries all of the above (yay! And they also deliver!), and Pennsy’s great Solutions for Women at 7th and Delancey carries pumps and rentals, too. I would call before you go to make sure they’re in stock — and that also goes for the Target on down on Columbus Avenue, which has also been known to carry pumps and parts.)

This seems completely random, but it’s come into play more than once. So. If you’re ever in NYC and realize that you’ve forgotten a key component of your pump and are freaking out in the Duane Reed over the possibility of having to buy a manual hand pump that’s going to take at least an hour to get the job done (um, for instance), you will do well to remember the giant Babies ‘R’ Us right on Union Square. They have the parts, and also a huge and clean (enough) private nursing room for moms that can be a pumping room in a pinch.






  • casey

    Ameda has equally great customer service! Had two pumps replaced overnight and I don’t even think I had to send them my receipt (but had registered both of them).

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