Wee Obsession: The World’s Best Nursing Tank?

Greatest. Find. Ever. (At least if we’re talking underwear) Read more

Yummie Tummy Nursing Tanks

Here’s a sentence I never thought I’d write:

One of my favorite articles of clothing in the closet right this minute is a nursing tank.

(I know! This is unheard of. But truly … it’s great. Like, buy-one-in-every-color great. Like, the-house-is-on-fire-I’m-grabbing-that-tank great.)

The brand is Yummie (I think it used to be Yummie Tummie, but somehow the Tummie has seemingly disappeared?), a company created and run by a NYC mom and businesswoman named Heather Thompson. (Yes, that’s Heather Thompson as in that woman from the Real Housewives of NYC.) (Not that I would know from watching every week. What. Bravo TV is a thing? Cough, cough.)

Anyway. The nursing tank has by far the most supportive built-in bra of the half-dozen or so nursing tanks I own; the torso is elastane (read: gently sucks you in); and the bottom is your basic stretchy cotton, so if it peeks out from under a top, it looks like a normal tank. (Plus that stretchy cotton insures that it always stays in place without rolling up.) In truth, I usually don’t go in for any sort of shape wear, but beyond the whole smoothing thing, I really just love how this tank never moves, never bunches, never does anything under my tops other than look cute and feel good. It costs a somewhat terrifying-sounding $70 (yes, $70 for a tank top) … but I wear it at least three times a week, and I’ve been wearing it three times a week for 25 or so weeks, so that amortizes out to less than a buck a wear. (See? Totally justifiable.)

As of this moment, I can only speak to the nursing version of the tank, but there’s a slew of regular Yummie tanks that I’ve got my eye on for down the road, once I don’t need that top flap anymore. They’re all at Nordstrom, or you can find online. (And you don’t have to tell anyone that it comes from a Real Housewife. Let’s have that be our secret.)