Date Night Idea: Feastival

This event is totally worth getting a sitter for Read more

There are many awesome food events in the city, and Feastival is one of the best. Here’s why:

1. It is hosted by our city’s top culinary talent: Michael Solomonov, Audrey Claire Taichman and Stephen Starr.
2. A bajillion of the city’s best eateries (think: Sbraga, Vernick, Buffad Pizza) will be there giving out samples.
3. It benefits Fringe Arts, which is one of our city’s most important and most impressive arts organizations.

About point #3: Because this is an arts-y event, the entertainment is always spellbinding — think people spinning on stilts, interpretive dancers, and live music.

Yes, the tickets are expensive ($250 for general admission), but it’s a pretty unbelievable night, with some good eating and good people-watching. If you don’t want to come, but still want to donate, you can take part in the online silent auction. Items are mostly experiential ranging from those for the one percent (surfing with Michael Solomonov which starts at $7,500) to fun things that are a bit more attainable and kid-focused like a luxury box to see Frozen on Ice, a suite of tickets to all the best kid museums and activities in town, a private tour of the Italian Market, cooking classes and more.

Event details: Thursday, September 18th, 7 p.m. – 10 p.m. at Penn’s Landing