Wee One-on-One: Vicki Glembocki

In which we ask one Philly-area supermom to share her favorite stuff Read more

Vicki Glembocki

The mom: Vicki Glembocki — based in South Jersey — is mom to three girls (Blair, 9; Drew, 7; Camille, 3) and a full-time writer. Or as she puts it, “I’ve been a freelance magazine writer in my basement since 2007. It entails wearing yoga pants, drinking coffee, and doing any household chore I can possibly come up with to keep from writing.” But we’ll tell you that she manages to do quite a lot: In addition to the magazine gigs (she’s written for Reader’s Digest, Parents, Women’s Health and Philly Mag, to name a few) and the daily mom’ing and the grade school talent show producing, Vicki is also the author of one our all-time favorite parenting books. The Second Nine Months is a totally no-b.s., hilarious, and insightful look at being a new parent. (Read about it here, and then go buy it for all of your new-mom friends. It’s smarter than the Jenny McCarthy book and way more fun than Harvey Karp.)

Anyway. Here’s Vicki on the magic of the Arden theater, her no-fail spot for a family meal out, and why everyone should consider giving birth in South Jerz.

Favorite local playground or park: Cooper River Park playground [in Collingswood]. It’s very blue. And I’m pretty sure that the view of Philly from there rivals the view from Belmont Plateau. For realz.

Kid’s haircut: Heritage in Haddon Township. 1. They cut straight bangs better than anyone ever. 2. They have very cool reclaimed wood furniture that I wish was mine. 3. They give the kids full-sized Ring Pops.

Special snack: Pizza from Treno in Westmont. It’s brick-fired and 2-for-1 on Wednesdays.

Nice-weather outing: Morris Arboretum. But don’t tell anyone. It’s never crowded, and we’d like to keep it that way.

Rainy day go-to: The movie theater at the Moorestown Mall has the most comfortable seats, nice bathrooms,  and there is rarely anything sticky and unidentifiable on the floor.

Date night spot: What’s this thing you’re talking about—“date night?”

Place for kid clothes: My friend Liz and my friend Christy, who give me all of the clothes their girls outgrow. My kids feel like I took them shopping and I never left my house.

Kid-friendly restaurant: Don Pablos. Yes, it’s a chain, but they give the kids tortilla dough to play with, the margaritas are gi-hu-gic, and you get free sopapillas when it’s someone’s birthday, which my kids fortunately do not like and I, coincidentally, think are slightly better than sex.

Item you can’t live without: My minivan. People think my love for my minivan is unnatural, but I once fit in it me, my husband, three kids in car seats, a dining room buffet and a nine-foot white picket fence. So there.

Professional you can’t live without: If I didn’t have a cleaning lady, I would be in jail for homicide.

Exercise class: Ugi at La Belle Fit in Cherry Hill. 30-minute butt-kicking sweat-fest.

Favorite find for pregnant folk: Virtua Voorhees. It was like having a baby at the Four Seasons.

One thing you wish Philly (or South Jersey!) had that it doesn’t: My parents.

Your favorite thing to do in Philly with the wee ones: Go to the Arden Theater to see children’s shows. You know that scene in Cat in the Hat when he’s balancing on the ball while balancing all the stuff? They did that … live. My mouth hangs open every time we see a show there.