Happy Birthday To Wee!

Today, we turn one. A look back at the first year of Wee Wander Read more

Today is our first birthday! (We will celebrate with wine instead of a smash cake.) We started this website because we felt there was a need–that there were many essential and awesome things that people choosing to raise their kids in Philly needed to know, and that there wasn’t really a place providing that info in an interesting and relatable way. We are writers by trade, so coming up with story ideas, writing up the posts, and interviewing subjects is something we love, and it’s been encouraging to see our traffic grow, beyond our expectations, month after month. But what we are most proud of and what really gives us inspiration is the community that we’ve tapped into. The feedback we get from readers, business owners and experts warms our hearts, and that’s the true motivation for wanting to see Wee grow into something bigger and bigger and bigger.

So as it turns out, for our vino-fueled birthday celebration, we’re actually toasting to you fine readers. Thank you so much for being such faithful supporters during our first year! We hope you’ll keep on reading as Wee eases into its toddler days.

What were your favorite posts? Check out our Wee Wander year-in-review:

Most popular posts this year:

Most popular categories this year:

  • Classes — this category is filled with round-ups and spotlights on our favorite local classes. The most popular post in this category? Amen for Drop-Ins.
  • Eats — here we report on restaurants, brunch spots, snacks, and more, that are kid-friendly (or not). The most popular post in this category is Where Everybody Knows Your (Baby’s) Name, our guide to the most baby-friendly bars in town. (Ed Note: Now updated!)
  • Outings — we are all looking for ideas for things to do, whether they are in the city or not. Here we report on the trips worth your time. Your favorite post: our Wee Autumn Spotlight: Farms, Orchards and You-Picks.
  • Wee One-on-Ones — Philly is lucky to have so many amazing people who choose to raise their kids here. This is when they tell us what they love about Philly (play spots, rainy-day activities, restaurants) in their own words. The most popular ones this year: Hatch boutique owner Brittany Bollard, therapist Perri Shaw Borish and PR-extraordinaire Corie Moskow.

Lastly: We are always open t feedback, so please let us know what you’d like to see more of on the site. Thanks again for reading!