New and News! The Fitness Class Edition.

Stuff you should know about, from an awesome Pilates class for new moms to holiday-themed striptease (!) aerobics Read more

Philadelphia Exercise Classes for Moms

Forget about working off the extra carbs/desserts/booze that we’re all going to consume over the next couple months: For a mom, the real beauty of exercise time is that it’s some very precious, straight-up, uninterrupted you time. Here’s a bunch of the latest news from the folks who help make it happen for us all.

–The wonderful Thrive Pilates (home to a couple of our favorite prenatal yoga and Pilates classes) has a new postnatal Pilates class on Sundays at 3 p.m., aimed at new moms who need to building the type of strength new moms need, who want to reconnect with their bodies (hello, abs? y’all in there?), plus work on some yoga stretching, breath, stress management and relaxation techniques. Sounds great, no?

Stroller Strides is still in full swing, although it’s just moved indoors for the season so that nobody loses any digits to frostbite. Also, there’s a new(sih) “stroller barre” class on Fridays at 9:30 a.m. … a combo of Pilates, barre, ballet, and cardio.

Mama’s Wellness Joint recently added to their already amazing line-up of mom- and family-focused classes a new baby-bump boot camp, an hour-long circuit training workout incorporating strength training with resistance bands and body weight, plus some moderate cardio intervals and core work that will help you get/stay in shape for pregnancy. (All levels of fitness are cool here.)

Philly Dance Fitness doesn’t necessarily have a mom-specific bent, but we love them, and this seems like too much fun to not mention: On December 13, PDF is hosting an event called Frisky for the Holidays, featuring an hour-and-a-half striptease aerobics masterclass set to holiday tunes. There’s dancing, wine, chocolate, and other healthier snacks and non-boozey refreshments, as well. Sounds like high hilarity to us. The party runs from 6 to 7:30 p.m., and will be at the  Midtown studio at 1301 Locust St. (2nd floor). It’s $25: If you buy early you can save $5!