Wee Bits and Pieces

Local holiday light shows, cut-your-own-tree, non-screen tech toys, and all the things Philly parents need to know this week Read more

Holiday Stuff: Check out this round-up I did for Philly Mag on the area’s top places to see Christmas lights. (Special shout-out to the everyday people who spend so much time and effort to turn their houses into a Disney-quality spectacle.) And over on Be Well Philly, there’s a great guide to cutting your own Christmas tree.

Single Sex Education: Separating boys and girls in the classroom is a super-old idea that has had a resurgence in public schools. Does it help kids focus? This NYT article hashes it out.

Silly Kids: We giggled over this one. Jokes made up by kids that are so presh in that only-a-kid-could-make-this-up sorta way.

New Classes: There are a slew of awesome enrichment classes starting up for the season at My Fabulous Mama and Mama’s Wellness Joint.

Support Local Stuff: These new t-shirts from CHOP are totally adorable and support one of our city’s most important institutions. They make for a great gift.

Small Screen: Admit it: Sometimes it’s super entertaining to stare at the video monitor for hours. This cool time-lapse video tracked a snuggly little baby’s crazy night moves.

Cool: Toys that are controlled by apps are the newest things. And way better than screen time.