Bits and Pieces: Mommy wars, pumping at work, sushi for preggers

From school news to health updates and Philly restaurants — all the news Center City parents need to know this week Read more

Remember when you made a birth plan? This one (“We would like mood lighting, like on Virgin America” and “In the event of a Cesarean, please practice Western medicine”) is way funnier than yours.

Have your tatas, um, shifted over the past few years? Turns out that knowing the types of boobs you have is the key to finding the right bra. So are you “touching” or “splayed”? Find out in this no b.s. guide to bra shopping.

From The Onion: Do doctors use the same ultrasound photo for every baby? No. But that’s a funny thing to think about!

Are charter schools racist? It’s an interesting question posed by a local writer.

Wait. Hold-up. A new study says that we can eat sushi while pregnant. (In fact, maybe we should be having more fish in general.)

We are all something (stay-at-home moms or dads, breastfeeders, organic-eaters, working moms …) this video reminds us what we all have in common.

I have often wondered what the city looks like from my daughter’s P.O.V. and this photographer in NYC captured it brilliantly.

It seems like there are three new restaurants that open here a week, but I love this list of classic spots — true Philly institutions — that are worth a revisit.  (Or, if you are a trend-seeker, here is a good list of spots to try in 2015.)

The auto show comes to town on January 31st, and this year there is a clever “Camp Jeep” area where kids can drive mini-Jeeps and eat pretzels and climb on stuff, while you check out that new minivan.

Have you had to pump at work? It pretty much sucks, and here is why all employers should care about that.

There’s a new blood test for prenatal screening that you should know about.

Kids just can’t party like they used to: This Main Line private school turned yesterday’s “snow day into a “cyber day” with online coursework.




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