Bits & Pieces: Art Classes for Kids, Hawthornes Reopens, the Ultimate Guide to Indoor Play

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The Ultimate Guide to Indoor Winter Play. (Really!) Ash and I updated our list of indoor fun recently — you might have seen it run in Philly Mag’s Sunday Magazine last week. We’ve got 40 things to do with kids when the weather is miserable … so, like, now.

Art Classes! Hey guys, it’s time to register for Woodmere’s Winter session of art classes for kids of all ages (well, three and up, basically) — from storytelling with art to painting to sculpture to collage. (Meantime, you might also want to check out the kid-friendly exhibit there, too: Check out the “I Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly” exhibition. Looks fun.)

It’s Closing Time. So that Semisonic song that you’ve been singing since college? The one about closing the bar down? About one last call? As it happens, it’s not about the bar at all. Here’s the story behind the song you thought you knew, which was written by an expectant dad. Worth the watch, guys.

Hawthornes is Back! After the fire last year, we weren’t sure if the awesome kid-friendly restaurant at 11th and Fitzwater was going to make a reappearance, but it’s not only back (and open again!) — it is bigger, and has (wait for it …) beer delivery! Welcome back, Hawthornes.

How to Save a Choking Baby. The (clever!!) 40-second video that could save a life.

Power Mom. This short Fast Company profile is an interesting look at Julie Smolyansky, the (seemingly) super-sharp CEO of Lifeway, who used her pregnancy as part of the company’s marketing campaign … sort of the anti- Marissa Mayer approach.

The Darndest Things. A dad makes art out of his toddler’s best quotes, and it’s pretty priceless.

Keeping Pregnancy a Secret at Work. A compelling (if pretty depressing) piece from The Cut about the fear some of us still face about keeping a job once we get pregnant.

Coffee and Art. If you’re near Bella Vista this weekend, you might want to pop by the Jed Williams gallery, which is hosting a two-day show displaying work by B.V. residents; on Sunday the 25th, from 10 to noon, there’ll be coffee, snacks and crafts for the kiddos.

We Love Goodnight Moon, but … this hilarious little G.M. takedown has some darn good points about the decor of that great green room.