Bits and Pieces: A free workout class, sleeping help, and the only baby book you need

From the paid maternity leave debate to sibling rivalry — all the news Philly parents need to know this week. Read more

If you’ve decided to raise your kid in the city, you probably started thinking about elementary school the second you got home from the hospital. In light of the mayoral primaries (which occur in May, and since Philly is pretty much a one-party city, are the de facto mayoral elections) Newsworks is tossing a bunch of topics to the candidates. This one is relevant to Wee-ers — read about how the maybe mayors would fix the city’s public school problem.

InMovement is hooking you up with their V-Day Eve Parents’ Night Out. It’s from 6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. on February 13th for ages 5 – 12. The kids will tumble, play games and eat pizza.

Three cheers for crock-pot season! Be Well Philly did a round-up of some winning recipes.

Nest is having their 4th annual Tweetheart event on Friday, February 13th, which benefits PAWS. There will be lots of photos, food and great programming.

Discussing money with the kids can be … icky. This NYT story makes the smart case for why you should tell your kids how much money you make.

President Obama is pushing for mandatory paid sick/maternity leave. What are the true economic effects of such a law? The Upshot drills down on the issue.

Is this academic book — published in 2008 — the only baby book you’ll ever need?

There are a whole buncha interesting workshops starting at Mama’s Wellness Joint, including one on sleeping for babies and one on meditation for grown-ups.

Wee pal, One-on-One contributor, and local writer Vicki Glembocki penned this smart story for Parents magazine about combating sibling rivalry. (She should know. She’s got three girls!)

Stroller Strides is having a special FREE class at Mi Casita Preschool on February 9th at 9:30 am. Meet up at the school, take the indoor class, then sit with your tot for a Spanish story time. Email with any preguntas (that’s “questions” in Spanish).