Breast Pumps (Plus A Whole Lot More) By Delivery

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my fabulous mama breast pump

Hey guys! Newsflash! (A particularly relevant newsflash to brand new and expecting moms ….)

Did you know that you can have hospital-grade breast pumps delivered to your house? Complete with a two-hour set-up and lesson? My Fabulous Mama delivers pumps for free to all doula clients, but even non-clients can call and order a pump, pay the doula fee of two hours for set-up and a demonstration. And trust — when you have a tiny baby and are trying to regulate the nursing schedule and manage everything that goes along with it those first few weeks, a little extra convenience and help are well worth a little cash.

How much cash are we talking? It’s $25 for the delivery fee (again, that’s just for non-clients), then a $36 per-hour doula fee, for a two-hour minimum. So that’s a delivery and a set-up lesson and consult for less than $100. The pump rental itself ranges from $85 (for one month) to $240 (for three months) to $780 (for a year). (For reference, hospital-grade pumps generally retail for $2200 or thereabouts.) Marisa, the owner/doula behind My Fab Mama, also notes that if a new mom wants to use her services as a certified lactation counselor, too, at the time of delivery (for an additional lactation visit fee), she’s up for that. (Some insurance companies even reimburse for lactation visits!)

It’s also worth noting that you can find the Medela Harmony hand pump at her store (a popular pick for a second back-up option among moms), as well as a whole bunch of nursing bras and pumping accessories … all of which can be delivered. In fact, for a $10 fee, Marisa will deliver anything in her store to addresses within Center City and South Philly — and it’s no fee if the item in question is more than $100. Good to know, right?