Spotlight: Imagination Playground at the Please Touch Museum

The scoop on the newest addition to the PTM … plus, a deal! Read more

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One of the good things (one of the many, many good things) about the Please Touch Museum is that they like to occasionally swap out one play space for another in those rooms outside the carousel. No matter how much your kid loves the standbys — the ambulance, the train room, the water playground, the Alice in Wonderland maze, etc, etc. — it’s pretty awesome that they (and you) can be surprised and delighted by new things, too. And the newest thing right now is the Imagination Playground, a huge, romp-around space filled with big foam building blocks and balls and cylinders that look like pool noodles. (Hey! It’s the same blocks you’ve seen at Sister Cities, actually … except here, there’s more, in a more expansive space. And it’s inside.)

Anyway. The blocks are meant to encourage both unstructured and cooperative play, so little ones can flex their little creative and social muscles. I mostly liked it because it’s a bit of a chance to work out even more wiggles and take a little breather from all the stimulation in the other rooms — a good thing if you’ve got a toddler.

Want to check it out? The blocks will be there all spring and summer (until September, actually), but you can also go this weekend: The PTM is hosting Learn & Play Dates on March 26, 27 and 28th. It’s a deal, y’all: Admission to the Imagination Playground area is free for registrants, and registrants will get $5.00 discount off museum admission for the day. Register here; space is limited!

PS. Apologies for the crappy picture. This is not a good representation of Imagination Playground, but my own guinea pig/toddler was not so much into photo time …

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