Inside Look: Children’s Art Classes at the Philadelphia Museum of Art

These classes offer a pretty unique experience for kids and parents Read more

art classes at philadelphia museum of art

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One of the reasons we choose to raise our kids in or near the city? Access to unparalleled cultural amenities, like, for example, Children’s Art Classes at one of the best art museums in the country. (Sure beats the pipe cleaner art I did growing up.) Here, a peek inside what makes these classes so special.

What: Children’s Art Classes at the Philadelphia Museum of Art

What to expect: Children aged 3 and up (see below for more specifics) will take advantage of the unique class setting by spending the first half of every session in the galleries, face-to-face with masterpieces. For example: If the theme of the class is colors, tots might search for colors as they walk through the galleries and look closely at works by artists such as Wassily Kandinsky or Marc Chagall, and do in-gallery activities based on what they see. After that, they will head back to the studio to begin their projects.

The studio time: Back in the studio, kids will work on 3D and 2D projects, in a variety of materials (think everything from collage to clay). Don’t expect run-of-the-mill crayons. Students use real canvases on easels and a variety of paints, and there is a kiln on-site for glazing and firing ceramics.

The major benefit: As explained by Cynthia Cosio, Coordinator of Family Studio Learning, your child will develop a deep and comfortable relationship with the Museum and the art inside.

Class details: Sessions run throughout the school year—Fall and Winter Sessions are 10 weeks and the Spring Mini-series is 5 weeks long. The next spring session starts the week of April 14th. There are classes for kids aged 3-5 during the week and to 3-12 on Saturdays. Classes are 1 ½ to 2 hours long, depending on age group. (Parents are asked to stay during the gallery session of the class for 3- to 5-year-olds). Five-week sessions are $65 for members and $80 for non-members, 10-week sessions are $130 for members and $160 for non-members. Kids take home a project every week.

Summer session: Art Splash is the title of the Museum’s extensive summer family programming, with gallery tours and art making every day, including 6 Saturday Family Workshops throughout the summer. Regular classes resume again in the fall.

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