Spotlight: The Philadelphia Film Society Family Movies

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Philadelphia Film Society family-friendly movies

Put this one in your Rainy Day file, people (or even just your general I Need Out of This House Right Now file): The old Roxy theater, renovated and now under the management of the Philadelphia Film Society, runs cool and compelling family-friendly movies a couple Saturday mornings a month. In fact? This weekend is a screening of Fantastic Mr. Fox. (And hey! In May they’re playing Chitty Chitty Bang Bang!) Adults are $10, and kids under $12 are just $1.

You should also know about the theater’s incredibly helpful Sensory Friendly Sunday morning movies, wherein the theater screens the same Saturday family-friendly movies, only in a lighted theater, with lower volume and a lessened expectation for kids to sit still and be quiet. In short, this is a great time to take first-time moviegoers, kids who might be sensitive to or stressed out by the usual theater environment, and/or kids with any sort of cognitive or behavioral challenges. The tickets are the same price as the Saturday kids’ films. And! All of this is in addition to the Babies on Board baby-friendly (but parent-focused) screenings that happen on Wednesdays.

It’s almost like those simpler child-free days when you could randomly decide to see a movie, and then go sit and relax in a theater and enjoy a whole film. (Okay, it’s actually nothing like that. But it’s still pretty awesome, and it’s without question more fun than watching that Frozen DVD for the bazillionth time, right?)