Wee One-on-One: Pete Rose

This Center City dad and owner of The Home Hero dishes on his favorite Philly stuff Read more

If you recognize Pete, it’s most likely because his company has done some fix-it work around your house; in fact, The Home Hero has become the go-to source for creating durable, safe, and temporary baby-proofing solutions for tricky city homes. (He worked miracles on mine.) When he’s not fixing up your place, he’s hanging in Queen Village with his wife Lauren, son Eli (6), and daughter Charley (2). This dad about town shares his favorite city picks.


Favorite local playground or park: When the weather is nice, our go-to is Three Bears. We always see someone we know, so can attempt some sort of adult conversation while trying to keep our kids from doing headers off the stone bears!

Kid’s haircut: We go to Ground Zero at their new home on 4th and Fitzwater. Matt, the owner, does a great job, and the kids love his little dog!

Special snack: No weekend would be complete without a hot fresh bagel from South Street Bagels. Great late morning portable snack on our way to the gym, tennis, dance, Hebrew School….insert other kid activity here….

Warm weather activity or outing: Our favorite thing in the city this past year was, hands down, Spruce Street Harbor Park. I’ve never been prouder to call myself a Philadelphian then when I saw how they transformed the waterfront this past summer. We had an amazing time with the kids sitting in the hammocks and playing boardwalk games. We’ll be heartbroken if they don’t bring it back next year. [Ed note: It’s coming back, for sure!]

Kids’ class: I currently have my wife’s paycheck automatically deposited into the coffers at InMovement, and I think it’s worth every cent. We do weekend classes, and aftercare programs during the week too. They are amazing over there, very organized, disciplined, and they take their mission very seriously. My kids love going to class, and most importantly, come home tired! Like I said, worth every cent.

Hidden Gem: Love the backyard at Smith Playground! The giant wooden slide is our favorite, the kids never want to leave. One of Philly’s best kept secrets. The basement inside the house has a really cute race track that the kids love too.

Rainy day go-to: I’m a little embarrassed to admit this one, but indoor activities can be hard to find on a rainy day. So we have been known to pack the kids up and take them to…wait for it…IKEA! Yes, we don’t need any new home wears or furniture, but our kids love the ball pits, the Swedish Meatballs, and they have KID DROP OFF for up to an hour!! Please don’t judge us…

Kid-friendly restaurant: South Street diner is our go to with the kids in tow. They can be as loud as they want to be, and it doesn’t faze anyone there. They like jumping up and down in the booths, and love eating pancakes for dinner.

Person I cannot live without: We recently hired a baby sitter for a few hours a week for our son after school, and I have to say she has quickly become our favorite person in the world. When we get home at night, his homework is done, he’s eaten dinner and taken a bath!! All that’s left is to spend quality time together, it’s changed our lives and made our evenings completely enjoyable.

Stroller or carrier or transport of choice: I spent about 100 hours researching strollers 6 years ago before we purchased our first, and I still stand behind the City Mini. Light weight, easy folding, and great suspension for city sidewalks. I always take great pleasure in watching people trying to fold up their Bugaboo’s to get into a cab.

Fun kids party spot: We just had our son’s 6th Birthday party at the QV Philly Art Center. 18 kids glued wooden blocks together for two hours while the adults had wine and cheese in the lobby! It was a win-win for everyone involved.

My favorite part of living in Philly with my wee one is … I love being in our neighborhood and seeing so many friends everywhere we go. The city has become an epicenter for prosperous young families, and my kids will grow up feeling like they belong to a true community that cares about each other.

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