Bits & Pieces: Pumping pods, free juice, and a kid-friendly music festival

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Household company Seventh Generation has sponsored these super-helpful pumping and nursing pods in the NY-area airports. (Here’s hoping they’ll pop-up in more places!)

Turns out premature babies, in some cases and with the right care, can survive at 22 weeks. Amazing.

Hilarious. Read the whole thing. Is this basically what we are all thinking at the playground?

To celebrate their anniversary Sip N Glo is giving away free juice all day today. (They are a Wee fave, for sure.)

Let’s look on the bright side: What did you get better at after becoming a mom? We agree with our pal Jessica Pressler: waking up in the mornings!

John Oliver is smart and funny and usually dead-on. In this clip, he’s basically saying: Dear business men and politicians, you say you love your mama for Mother’s Day? How about paying them for maternity leave?

Speaking of … Rachel Zoe opened up nursery in her office for her employees that are also mothers. It’s amazing, and when Wee takes over the world, we are going to do the same thing. (Even though our own kids will probably be in college at that point.)

The Heartwood Music Festival is a chill, new folk music festival geared towards families (food trucks, good music, activities for kids) at Awbury Arboretum on Saturday.

This smart piece for PlanPhilly was written by the pres of the Queen Village Neighborhood Association about the connection between good neighborhood communities and good neighborhood schools. In it, he mentions a new organization called Friends of Neighborhood Public Schools, which held a first-ever summit in March to facilitate discussions between the city’s various “friends of” public school groups, to share ideas and move things in the right direction. Just something you should know about.

photo: Schuylkill River Banks