Daddy-and-Me Activities for Philly Fathers

We’ll see your mommy-and-me tumbling, and raise you a daddy-and-me story time Read more

It’s no secret that we here at Wee HQ believe in equal opportunity kid-schlepping (er, parenting, we mean). And while it goes without saying that dads can — and do — enjoy basically all of the same activities and classes that moms enjoy (swim classes, museum trips, art lessons, etc.), it’s also true that the purely dad-centered offerings are few and far between — certainly much more so than mommy-and-me stuff. So we wanted to highlight a few best bets for dads who might like a little dad-focused bonding time (or some bonding time with other dads), just to change it up a little.

What: Dad Group at City Sprouts. A child-friendly space for dads to meet, to chill with and talk to other dads, to practice taking a new baby out solo, to give mom a break. Whatever the motivation, all dads are welcome. No registration is required.
Cost: Free.
Where: City Sprouts in Fishtown
When: Currently, the group meets the first Tuesday of every month from 6 to 7:30 p.m., but owner Jen Mastalerz says she’s going to start offering the dad group meetings twice a month. Check the calendar for details!

What: Philly Dads Meetup Group. Exactly what it sounds like — a meet-up of dads who get together on a regular basis (usually with kids, occasionally without on dads’ nights out) at local parks, museums, play spaces, and the like.
Cost: Varies per meetup.
Where: Activities and locations run the gamut, but are always fun: The Play Cafe, Diggerland USA, Sarhara Sam’s Waterpark, and so on.
WhenYou can check out all the details on the Facebook page.

What: Little Theater storyplay for dads and kids! Stories, rhymes, songs, puppets and games aimed at children from infancy to about 5 years old … and their dads.
Cost: A drop-in is $10. (Each extra kid is $8.)
Where: Baby Wordplay’s Little Theater in Graduate Hospital.
When: 10 to 10:45 a.m. on Saturdays.

Bonus: Any yogis out there? It’s also worth noting that Mama’s Wellness Joint offers a parent-and-kid class that — while not exclusively geared toward fathers —  does actively welcome dads. Owner Paige Chapman says the twice-weekly Mama’s Moving yoga class is still comprised mostly of moms, but she does see some dads at the Monday and Friday sessions. As for the kids, everyone from babies on up through 4-year-olds are welcome.

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