Wee Helpers: Raising Twins Workshop

Got multiples? This casual (but super informative) session in Philly is for you Read more

Having twins? Have twins? Or multiples? As you have figured out, having more than one requires a way of thinking that is different than having one at a time. Alyssa Rickels, a long-time facilitator at Pennsylvania Hospital’s beloved Hall-Mercer Child & Parent Center, knows something about it … she not only keeps up to date on the latest studies, but she’s got a pair of twins (two of her four kids) herself. And Rickels is hosting a two-hour workshop on the very subject. (It’s on Tuesday, June 9th from 10 am – 12 pm. Register here.)

Here’s what you can expect: An informal discussion where Rickels will share the latest relevant research on multiples; will go over some of the logistical challenges (car seat placement, nursing twins and getting them to sleep through the night … together); and talk about some of the emotional issues that come up as well.

That last one is the biggie, with many topics to cover like raising fraternal vs. identical twins, setting up playdates, fostering individuality … or not, getting over the guilt of not spending individual time with each child, and whether to put them in the same class at school or not. The workshop will have a nice mix of parents so you can also learn from each other, and meet some new friends.

The deets
The workshop: Raising Twins: An Opportunity for Questions and Answers
Location: Hall-Mercer Child & Parent Center of Pennsylvania Hospital (8th and Locust)
Date: Tuesday, June 8th, from 10am – 12pm
Cost: $40
Sign-up: Register online here, email cpcenter@uphs.upenn.edu or call at 215-829-5555
Good to know: Babies under 6 months are welcome to the class