10 Awesome Summer Classes

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Philadelphia summer classes

Guys! June marks the beginning of a whole bunch of new summer classes around the city. Here’s our roundup of 10 of the most helpful, intriguing and/or popular upcoming classes for kids, for parents, for kids and parents … we’ve got a great mix. You’d just best read (and act!) quickly, some of these classes start immediately.

Where: My Fabulous Mama
Some of the classes you’ll find: There’s a single-class workshops about finding the right childcare for your family, building/keeping good sleep habits (even with summer vacations), baby basics and breastfeeding basics — as well as a new moms group and Rhythm Babies music classes, which are weekly sessions.
Session starts: Dates for single classes and sessions all vary — you’ll want to check the website.

Where: Hall-Mercer
Some of the classes you’ll find: Playgroups and parent discussion time for moms and dads of infants, crawlers, two-year-olds, toddlers and more, plus one class specifically geared toward second kids (and their parents). There’s also the upcoming twin workshop that we told you about last week.
Session starts: Dates vary by group, but most begin in mid- to late June, and finish up in early- to mid-August.

Where: Little Theater
Some of the classes you’ll find: Baby Wordplay’s Little Theater doesn’t work in sessions per se, but for the month of June, new classes you can catch include a Spanish “workshop” (bilingual story play) for littles, a collaboration with the Philadelphia Maternity Network called “the Power of Play” and — for the whole fam —  a free story time at Locust Dog Park and Live at the Littles, which is live music for families during early evening hours.
Session starts: Check the calendar for individual dates!

Where: Nest
Some of the classes you’ll find: There’s a whole bunch of stuff going one here — music, art, cooking, soccer, tumbling for little ones, a new parents group for grown-ups and babies, a sort of preschool training class, a playgroup/parent group for toddlers, and more.
Session starts: The next session (which is the first of two summer sessions) runs from June 22 to July 26.

Where: DoMiSol Kids (held at various locations, including Yoga Garden, Ethical Society and the First Unitarian Church, among other spots)
Some of the classes you’ll find: Great music classes of various sorts — all for kids of various ages. Parents rave over these classes.
Session starts: June 8, and they go for 8 weeks

Where: All Around This World, in Fairmount (held at the City School on Thursdays) and in West Philly on Wednesdays and Saturdays.
Some of the classes you’ll find: All Around This World is a great music class for babies, toddlers and preschoolers (in some cases, even older children) that celebrates global music through singing, drumming, dancing and playing instruments. It’s pretty cool.
Session starts: The Fairmount session starts on June 4 and runs to July 30 (and you can also buy a 5-class card); the West Philly session just started last week (you can still get in), and it runs through the beginning of August.

Where: The Philly Art Center
Some of the classes you’ll find: A parent/toddler class for first-time artists called Art Start; a mini-masters drop-off classes with drawing, painting, sculpting and more; a ceramics/sculpture class for various ages; drawing and painting classes; and more. (Hey South Jersey! Don’t forget there’s a new Cherry Hill location!)
Session starts: July 6. They run for five weeks.

Where: Stroller Strides, various locations
Some of the classes you’ll find: Stroller Strides exercise class for moms (with babies in strollers!) meets Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday at 25th and Spruce at 9:30 a.m. (Friday is stroller barre), as well as Tuesday at 9:30 a.m. at Front and South and Thursday at 9:30 a.m. at Hawthorne Park (another stroller barre class). The fresh news here is that they’re launching a NEW evening session starting TONIGHT — for four weeks. It’s a 6:15 p.m. class that meets at 25th and Spruce.
Session starts: The new evening session begins tonight at 6:15 p.m., and runs for four weeks.

Where: InMovement
Some of the classes you’ll find: The upcoming schedule will be posted on the site this week — it will be a mix of parent/child classes, preschool/kindergarten classes and school-aged kiddo classes.
Session starts: July 13 to August 22, a six-week session. Registration opens on June 15.

Where: Christian Street and Columbia North YMCA
Some of the classes you’ll find: Swim classes! They have swim lessons for kids of nearly all ages, so you can check the site to see what matches your needs.
Session starts: June 15, and goes to mid- or late August at both locations.