Class Spotlight: Born to Burpee

Finally! A butt-kicking workout for moms in the ‘burbs Read more


I never had more motivation to get in shape than in the nine months I spent pregnant. Each day I couldn’t wait until the time I could build up my strength and stamina again. So after I had my daughter I rushed out to every “mom and me” workout I could find. I was mostly disappointed. The yoga classes felt too gentle, the cardio classes felt too light, the strength stuff felt inconsistent.

Enter Born to Burpee, a locally-based, drop-in workout program that makes the most of your limited time: With the kids in tow, you’ll sweat it out in a boot camp-esque workout that will burn calories and build strength. (Think mountain climbers, dips and, of course, burpees, in hard but short intervals.) And here’s the cool thing about bringing your kids: The classes are in a confined space (like a gymnasium or at parks with playgrounds) so you don’t have to worry about them running out of your sight. You can plop them down in a car seat with toys, or have them bring their scooter, balls, dolls, books or iPads, and they can play together or hang by your side. (Sometimes, there’s even someone who comes along to entertain the kids with games.)

The concept was founded by Abbie Chowansky, an avid worker-outer, mom of two, and owner of the Focus Fitness Main Line who was looking to get a butt-kicking workout in the 45 minutes a day she had to herself. The word spread through social media, and now she has three area locations, in Havertown, Newtown Square and Radnor.

Class Details:
Length: 45 minutes
Price: $15 for a drop-in, with monthly class card options available; look for updates on Facebook.
For: All fitness levels, especially great if you are looking for a challenge. Bring your kids, great for pregnant women too.
Note: Abbie also runs The “M” List, an event club for moms, which hosts nights out and promotes other businesses owned by local moms.

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