Bits & Pieces: Grandparents Day, Reassuring Doctor Advice, Homework Help, Fried Chicken and More

Awesome events, good advice, new kid-friendly restaurants and all the news Philly parents need to know this week Read more

It’s Grandparents Day on Saturday, September 12th and Miss Pam at Little Theater wants to celebrate this underrated holiday, so she’s hosting a neighborhood festival in Graduate Hospital from 10 am to 2 pm. There will be a scrapbooking craft with take-home photos for grandparents, a drum circle at 11 am, and a ribbon cutting at The Triangle parklet just outside of her studio, which will now have a mini Free Library for kids to use. See more details on her site.

From keeping mealtime simple to ignoring tantrums, here are some amazingly reassuring and rational things that doctors wish parents of toddlers knew. (You’ll feel better about your parenting after you read this. Pinky swear.)

Noodles, tacos, biscuits, fried chicken … there’s been a lot of fun eateries that have opened in Philly in the last few months. Here’s a great round-up. Many are kid-friendly.

We love this essay by a dad about why you should give back those trophies your kid gets for “winning” when they actually just showed up.

Helping your child with his/her math homework? Turns you you might actually be doing more harm than good and passing down your math anxiety.

The moms are coming to Snapchat. Are you on it? Your favorite blogger probably is.

The “free-range mom” is writing a book, starting a non-profit and suing her local government. We kind of love her. You will too after you read this Q&A.

Supposedly this is a really sweet video of a little boy crying for his mama on his first day of school. Or at least that’s what Christy tells me. (I can’t watch it. I’ll be crying for hours.)

Two hundred and eighteen babies were named Anakin in 2014. The return of Star Wars fever.

That adorable photo of your little chubster in the bath? Maybe you shouldn’t post it on Facebook after all. Here, eight snaps you should think twice about making public, and why.

Last year, New York Times writer Jennifer Miller wrote a story about how beer gardens are becoming the new hang-out for city parents and Wee was in the story (!). Now, she’s got a new article on Thrillist that we love: All the free things pregnant women should totally be scoring. (I’m def guilty of cutting lines.)

Another reason to eat well while pregnant: A study of 19,000 American women proved that moms who ate more fruits and veggies had kids with less heart issues.

Wonder why you are reading Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, again? Because now there is data that shows reading bedtime stories to your child (and from a very young age) is really great for their brains.

And for your hilarious video of the week: This kid in Japan trips and punches a hole in a work of art at a museum. But he managed not to spill his soda.

Lastly, for those of you who don’t know, Christy and I have day jobs as editors at Philadelphia magazine. This is our third year in a row of co-editing Best of Philly, and we wanted to let you know the entire list from 2015 is now up online. Search to find the best of anything you need (salons, ice cream shops, running trails), and make sure to check out our kid picks, like best amusement park (Diggerland), best toy store (Momo’s Treehouse), best nanny service (MBR Nanny Network), best baby proofer, and more.