Bits & Pieces: Healthy Make-Ahead Meals, New Car Seat Laws, and Free Broadway Shows For Kids

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wee bits

Buzzfeed has some good ideas for make-ahead meals that are healthy. (We have to try, right?)

In other health-related news, researchers have confirmed that that more intense, shorter workouts are efficient than a 30-minute slog on the elliptical, and the New York Times has turned it into a quick running, rowing or pedaling workout that’s easy to follow. Best part? Researchers found that people think it’s actually fun!

We ran out and got the new Dr. Seuss book, and when I told a friend, he tipped me off to this hilarious old Saturday Night Live clip in which Jesse Jackson does a dramatic reading of Sam I Am.

Fall class registration is up-and-running: Nest, InMovement, Hall-Mercer and Philly Art Center are just a few with new schedules that are out.

On Sunday, 8/8, Cloth is hosting a free workshop about essential oils. Email to reserve your spot.

Turns out women aren’t the only ones to struggle with “having it all”. Millennial men aren’t the fathers they thought they’d be.

Get out your Google Calendars! For a week in January, your child can see a Broadway show (like, the real Broadway in NYC) for free.

When I first saw this story pop up in my Twitter feed — about moms who are getting their hair done after delivering babies to look good for that first photo — I honestly thought it was going to be an old one from the Sex and the City era. It’s not. Sigh.

Who knew? Pregnancy might be the best time to get your vaccines.

Jersey-ites, heads up: New car seat laws are set to go into effect on September 1st. As in, children need to stay rear-facing until they are two. (!)