Wee Party Spotlight: Superheroes 4 Hire

This local company brings Superman, Spiderman (and even Elsa and Anna) to your kid’s next birthday party Read more


What: Superheroes 4 Hire is a South Jersey-based company that brings the Justice League, Avengers, and more to your child’s birthday party. Started last year by two buddies, the company has grown faster than a speeding bullet (which is not surprising, given our current superhero-obsessed society.) They pride themselves on authentic costumes, loads of fun and tons of photo opportunities.

What to expect: Pick your preferred heroes: Superman, Spiderman, Wonder Woman, Batman and Captain America. Starting on September 1st, Anna and Elsa will also be available. They’ll show up with entertainment, play games that encourage teamwork and test all those mini-super powers, bring out the cake, sing happy birthday, and smile for many, many pictures. (There’s a photo on their site of Spiderman feeding a little boy birthday cake that is epic.)

The packages: The Basic Packages is 30 minutes, includes one or two heroes, and has two games. (Starting at $129, plus travel fees.) The Premium Package is a full hour, includes one or two heroes, has two games and a superhero training obstacle course. (Starting at $249, plus travel fees.) And the Villain Package is 75 minutes, includes all of the above, plus something totally amazing: The Joker and his henchmen show up to the party at some point, a fight scene ensues, and the birthday star gets to lock up the evil villain and help haul him away. (Starting at $449, plus travel fees.) Looking to make things super easy? They have a bunch of other options you can add on, like additional heroes, a photographer/videographer, and a bouncy house.

Other stuff to note: Mostly, these parties work best outside, but the owners help city parents get creative with space. They’ve done rec centers and gyms, basements, or can even just tag along at a bowling alley or any other venue for one awesome surprise. (And yes, since I know you are wondering, they also do grown-up parties and weddings, too.) They’ll basically travel anywhere and have done parties as far away as Maryland and North Jersey.

Book the event through email, website, phone or text, and check out their homepage for a lot more info and awesome photos.