5 Special Things To Do This Weekend

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Labor Day Philadelphia families

Happy Three Day Weekend, you guys! (Oh, and Happy Labor Day, too.) In honor of the slightly out-of-the-ordinary (and awesome) occasion of a three-day-weekend, we rounded up a few slightly out-of-the-ordinary (and awesome) outings that seemed like a good way to celebrate the end of summer/beginning of fall this weekend. Oh — though whatever you do, you should definitely avoid the west side of the Parkway on the 5th and 6th, because this weekend is Made in America with Beyonce and crew. Unless, of course, you are actually going to Made in America, in which case, we salute you, parents who rock. (Meantime, we’ll be at a petting zoo in the ‘burbs. Which is almost as good??)

–The last outdoor movie of your summer.
They’re running Ghostbusters at Franklin Square on Saturday, Sept. 5, at 7 p.m. Probably best for kids of an appropriate age, but … a classic!

–The first apple-picking of your fall.
At Johnson’s Corner Farm, the apple-picking hayrides start on Saturday, Sept. 5. (And there’s always a ton to do at the farm — read about it here or here. There’s also a members event through WHYY involving the Cat and the Hat. Non-members can join on site for $60, and participate in the day’s worth of fun.)

–Football as art at the PMA.
Any Eagles fans out there? This season’s Art Splash at the Philadelphia Museum of Art is going out with a bang: Eagles safety Jerome Couplin III will be there to compare his football equipment to suits of armor in the Museum’s collection. That’s Monday, Sept. 7, from noon to 3:00 p.m.

–The Fringe Festival for families.
There’s a bunch of shows deemed family-friendly in this year’s Fringe Fest, from an interactive puppet show to a dance/art installation performance that involves a whole bunch of ping pong balls in motion. And a small handful of the “family” shows kick off this weekend — you can search the site by date, by type of show, (e.g. “family” or “puppetry (family)”), and by location. You can spend the weekend exposing your kids to modern dance, art-making, fringe-y theater, and etc.

–Colonial-themed fun.
Even more fun than churning butter (I kid!): The Constitution Center is hosting one of their weekend-long Colonial Field Days Sept. 4 to 7, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. There’ll be Continental Army-inspired activities, dress-up, games like hoop-and-stick and nine pin, crafts and more. You can’t say that’s not a little out of the ordinary for a weekend outing, right?