Bits & Pieces: 20 Non-Pope Things to Do, Rethinking Ultimatums, and Finding the Cheapest Flights

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Believe it or not, the entire city isn’t shutting down for the Pope’s visit. Sticking around? Here are 20 things to do that are in the spirit but without the crowds.

However, if you want to participate from a safe distance, Franklin Square Park is broadcasting the Papal festivities on jumbotrons. Bring chairs and blanket. To note: The park is outside the boundaries of the security wall zone thingy.

Calling all Potter fans: The annual Chestnut Hill Harry Potter Festival is set for October 16th and 17th.

Turns out Danish parents don’t use the whole ultimatum thing the way Americans do. It’s something to think about (and, um, requires a boatload of patience).

PennsyMoms has launched a google group for selling/buying stuff exclusively. You don’t need to be approved as a member. Find it here.

The fall family program line-up at the Philadelphia Museum of Art is out. Lots of fun activities (most of which are free) and classes.

Kickboxing! Cheap massages! Juice! Salads! There are a ton of awesome fitness and healthy food-related openings expected in the next few weeks. Be Well Philly has them all here.

Only 17% of American companies offer paid paternity leave and men are Fed Up. (Capital F, capital U.) They are even suing!

Speaking of work, if you participate in the American workforce and you have a family (like many of us) then this article will hit a little too close to home. S&*t is toxic for anyone who isn’t young and single.

[Ed note: We love all the recent heavy-hitting articles on paternity leave, maternity leave and the messed-up American work culture, because first comes outrage, then comes change!]

The next generation of websites and apps to book flights are out and they do one better than Kayak, Travelocity, et al.: They tell you when it’s the cheapest time to buy said flight, because as you probably know, airlines are always messing with the costs depending on real-time demand and buying habits.

It is possible! A Q&A with Marie Kondo on the art of tidying up with toddlers.

Baby Steps Philadelphia owner Elena is hosting another intro to solids baby food class at Cook in October. Lots of tips and recipes.