Bits & Pieces: Peanut updates, easy babysitting, ending mealtime battles, raising kids without religion, and more

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Stop the mealtime battles! (That’s the name of this informative workshop that Center City Pediatrics is hosting on 9/9. Reserve your spot here.)

Could raising your kids without religion make for a better upbringing? This study found that secular children might be less susceptible to racism, peer pressure and more.

Thomas the Tank Engine is chooing his way back to Morris Arboretum this month. (This place is great even when Thomas isn’t around.)

Disgusted by the verbiage they saw on clothes for girls (one onsie said “I hate my thighs” … for realz), a group of women created these slogan tees for little ladies with empowering messages.

Nest is having open play time in their upstairs gym all week between class sessions. Tumble, bounce and mix it up from your usual downstairs play sessions. And this is a big benefit for members: Nest now has babysitters so you can drop off the tike, for up to three hours, during the week and on Saturdays. And for only $10 an hour, too.

Five phrases to keep in your back pocket that will put an end to the crying and begging.

Some new, awesome apps for when you are pregnant (and even in labor).

So, scratch what you’ve heard: Today the AAP said you should give babies peanuts, and that doing so might actually reduce the chance of allergies later on.

There’s a craft and music festival at Starr Garden tonight starting at 6 (food trucks will be there too). At 7:30, they’ll play A Bug’s Life movie.