Bits & Pieces: Recasting stress, free concerts, a bring-your-kid therapy group, signs that your child has low self-esteem, and more

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Here’s an idea: Try to think of stress as something that’s necessary and actually good for you. This Q&A with a Stanford prof about her new book The Upside of Stress really recasts the way we think about the pressures in our lives.

These seven go-to orders at Chipotle keep the calories at our fave fast food resto way down.

Talk about school lunches is usually focused on nutrition, but this NYT article wonders if lunch periods are too short. Turns out the longer kids have to eat, the more veggies they consume.

Wee pal, new mom and Be Well Philly editor Emily Leaman wondered why there weren’t bring-your-kid workout classes for working moms (aka on the weekends) and so GoalsFit responded by hosting a free one this weekend!

The Free Library has published their fall schedule of “Sundays on Stage”. On Sundays at 2pm, they have a variety of different entertainment geared towards kids, like drum performances, fable story tellers, jugglers and more. And, as the name suggests, it’s free! Wee!

Got a spirited kid? Here are eight great book recommendations to help you cope.

Center City Pediatrics is hosting another postpartum and new parents therapy group starting on September 30th.

An Israeli designer has rethought the booster seat, bringing the seatbelt down instead of the booster seat up. The result? This well designed product is way smaller than traditional boosters (it’s like the size of an iPad!) and can be easily installed in Ubers, taxis, rental cars and more. Oh hey! And look at that. Wee Wander is quoted in the article about it.

Moms band together to tell Marshalls to ahem, suck it, after the store employees made a fellow mom breastfeed in a bathroom stall.

If you are going to eat cereal in the mornings, Cheerios are better than Corn Flakes … and other interesting nutritional tips about the quickest morning meal option.

That awesome new mega Wawa on Broad and Walnut opens on Friday with a family-friendly party where there will be giveaways and activities. The store is unlike any other Wawa, has indoor seating and over 4,000-square feet of space. (Don’t tell Wee co-founder Christy. She’s not a fan of Wawa. Read about it in one of my favorite things that she’s ever written.)

Five signs that your child has self-esteem issues.

Will you be adding high-tech lights to your baby registry soon? Turns out certain LED lights helps babies sleep well, help kids stay alert during study time, and more.