Bits & Pieces: Terrible Kid Halloween Costumes, Drinking During Pregnancy, and the Official Pope Weekend Birth Count

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20 truly terrible Halloween costumes for kids. (Although I’m not going to lie, infant-as-woopie-cushion would be a big hit in my house.)

Random highbrow fun: The one caption that works for all New Yorker cartoons.

Beyond the pill: IUDs are having a major moment right now. Popularity in the birth control method has jumped 83% since 2006.

The actual number of American women who do have a drink during pregnancy? It’s, um, lower than we would have guessed slash is everyone lying?

I’ve been on a real anti iPhone kick lately (I swear it makes me mad at my kid). This NYT article has an interesting perspective on how mysterious and opaque our screen time is from the perspective of our kids. And this one is more personal. These teens are literally begging their parents to stop Googling and start talking.

Why aren’t there more women in the corner office? Maybe we don’t want the corner office.

This is a lovely, heartwarming and honest read about one women’s experience with divorce, and what a modern family can look like.

The results are in! How many babies were born during Popeadelphia? (Thankfully, not mine.)

And for all us from Generation Friends. Here is what Ross and Rachel’s baby Emma looks like now. (Spoiler: She’s not in diapers anymore.)

A read on the secret to raising a confident girl.

Open Source Philly, a citywide exhibit of public art launches this week. Might be a fun thing to do with the kids. Some of the art is impressive. (And HUGE.)