Weekend Bits: The Best Young Adult Books of All Time

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weekend bits

Guys, Philly Mag is live-blogging the Pope weekend.!

And now for something completely different. We literally can’t get enough of hearing about the genius that goes into Sesame Street. Here’s Sonia Manzano’s (a.k.a. Maria) take on the essential episodes.

What are the best young adult books of all time? (I mean, Harry Potter, obviously — but Anne of Green Gables is on the list, too! Good list.)

How to stand firm once your kids start practicing negotiating techniques on you. (Because their main technique is just about wearing. you. down.)

Perri Borish, Wee friend,¬†psychotherapist and perinatal mood disorder specialist is running a very affordable, very helpful six-week postpartum and new parent group therapy session¬†every Wednesday. It starts this week!You’re really going to want to read the list of Herr’s potato chips, ranked from best to grossest by the dudes over at Foobooz.

This is one of those “things preschool teachers know that will help you” lists that’s actually really, really good.

A new session of a new moms group is starting this week over at My Fabulous Mama! There’s also a “baby basics” class that’s starting up soon, too, for expectant parents.