Weekend Bits: The New Delivery Service Every Mom Should Know About

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weekend bits

Really AWESOME news for moms: Cloth is now offering same-day delivery for diapers, balms, nursing gear, toys, blankets, carriers … you name it. We said delivery! Same-day delivery!!! (No need to change out of those barfed-on yoga pants!)

Funny because it’s true: Here are a bunch of photos that pretty accurately capture what life with a toddler is like.

If you have Pope-zone anxiety but still want to catch a glimpse, you’ll be happy to hear that Franklin Square (which is OUTSIDE the security zone) will be showing the Papal events on a couple of jumbotrons.

Speaking of Popapalooza, the Bicycle Coalition has made a pretty handy map of all the places you can easily ride your bike to get around (as vehicular transportation is basically not an option).

Hey, here’s some helpful advice on how to get the most out of your parent/teacher conference.

Fairmount peeps: Parent coach Brandi Davis and WHYY’s Maiken Scott are hosting their popular annual mini-panel conversation about “finding sanity, solutions, and humor” in parenting. October 7 at Urban Saloon — proceeds benefit the Small Friends of Fairmount Co-op Preschool.

Y’all: Morris Arboretum’s fall session is starting now, and there’s everything from “nature sleuths” nature walks to photography workshops to an art class.

This has nothing to do with parenting, but we’re just really excited about the new Ghostbusters. Who isn’t?

Your weekend reading: Check out the profile Christy wrote for Philadelphia magazine on Philly mom and entrepreneur Audrey Claire Taichman. (You know her from Audrey Claire,Twenty Manning Grill and Cook.) The woman’s got an amazing story — it’s nothing short of inspirational.