Bits & Pieces: CrossFit for Kids, FREE art classes, and the genius of Ellen DeGeneres

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Even if you didn’t see the video of the little girl crying when she found out Adam Levine got married, you’ve got to see what Ellen did on her show.

CrossFit Center City is starting regular classes for kids this month.

If you were to put kids in a room with hundreds of push cars and trikes, they’d all fight over the classic Little Tikes red-and-yellow car. Someone (who is brilliant) made it into an actual vehicle.

An oldie but goodie: Here’s why you should teach your kids it’s called a vagina and a penis instead of a hoohah and peepee.

Guys, the Philly Art Center is opening the studio up for FREE trial art classes this week! All locations (Queen Village, Fairmount and Cherry Hill) will have free trial classes Wednesday the 21 through Sunday the 24th for toddlers and kids. (And adults!)

This three-year-old has the most epic costumes ever. (Our favorites? Wills and Kate, Frida Kahlo, the Clinique counter lady.)

The New York Times had a great op-ed on the adverse economical and professional effects of the high (unsubsidized) cost of childcare. (Though in my opinion, Wee’s Dorothy Robinson said it better.)

Did you miss our giant Halloween round-up? There is SO much stuff happening the next couple weeks — and you should add to that list the adorable costume contests that Julie Salvano is running at each of her Rhythm Babies classes next week: Drop in a class with your little one dressed up, and the winning baby/toddler (four months to three years) gets a free punch card! (Read more about the popular drop-in classes here!)

Guys, this little kid really, really DID NOT EAT THAT CUPCAKE.

I mean, this piece about the benefits of sending your kid to a well-integrated school struck me as sort of … duh? But it’s still good to see in print.