Bits & Pieces New school rankings, the things you should never say to your kid, and free pumpkin painting

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Is the snacking out of control in your house like it is in mine? Parents magazine has some tips on how to end the madness, plus some ideas for easy (and tasty) snacks that are healthier than Goldfish.

Any of these options would win a costume contest that I was judging: Easy, feminist historical figure costumes for girls.

Totally rando, but made me laugh: turns out that a whole bunch of vegetarians get drunk, eat meat, then lie about it.

Who can resist a New Yorker take on the “Hidden Depths” of Sandra Boyton books? Not Wee.

Are magnet schools the way to make neighborhood gentrification a positive thing for city school districts? This Atlantic writer weighs the evidence.

Fleisher Art Memorial is hosting a free pumpkin carving event on October 28th at their beautiful facility in Bella Vista. And they heading over to Palumbo Rec Center/Playground on the 16th (from 4 p,m. – 6 p.m.) for a free pumpkin painting event.

Hot dad alert! This single dad hosts classes for fellow dads to teach them how to do their daughters’ hair.

Mostly due to their amazing paternal leave policy, I am kind of obsessed with all things Swedish. What’s it like to be a parent there? Fourteen surprising (interesting) things about raising kids there. (Hint: The playgrounds are amazing!)

Big news out of the Philadelphia School District. Two years ago, they changed the way they rank the city’s charter and public schools (think: beyond test scores) and the first list is out, although it’s looking at schools from 2013-2014. It’s controversial, for sure. Check out the methodology and new rankings. 

How to raise a kid who loves (and is fulfilled by) their work.

These tips about how to save money at Starbucks are pretty brilliant.

There is most definitely a wrong way for tweens to do social media. Here’s how you can start them off right.

Ten things you should never say to your kids. (Oof. I pretty much say them all.)