Bits & Pieces: New Screen Time Rules, Banned Baby Names, and Things to Never Say to Your Partner

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Did you know the city’s sanitation department will pick up couches and furniture? Here’s a great round-up from the Queen Village newsletter about what the city will take curbside and where to get rid of everything else.

The AAP just updated their stance/rules on screen time for kids. They used to say no more than two hours a day; these new suggestions are much more realistic and flexible. (Because in truth, screens are everywhere.)

We’ve all been there. An open letter to the mom of young kids who just does not want to have sex.

This article in The Atlantic looks at the correlation between race and school funding and sadly, Philadelphia is their prime example.

From the department of duh … this brilliant bedtime pass just might end those bedtime struggles. How have we never thought of this before?

The October calendar for Little Baby Wordplay is out, and they’ve just announced drum circles on select Sundays in November.

Here, 14 celebrities who have battled (and spoken publicly about) postpartum depression.

Reconnect with your pelvic floor (a very good thing for all moms to do) with this workshop at Mama’s Wellness Joint this weekend.

From complaining that Death Valley doesn’t have enough green space to saying that clouds blocked the sunrise in Hawaii, this round-up of bad Yelp reviews of our National Parks is utterly hilarious.

Relationships can be hard. Especially when you have kids. Here, seven things you should never say to your partner. (Aaaannnddd … I’m guilty of saying just about all of them.)

Turns out that the governments of a lot of countries reject baby names. See what you can’t name your baby in China, Mexico and Sweden.

There’s a new IUD form of birth control that only costs $50 and is about to go mainstream. This is a pretty big deal, as other options can be unaffordable and hard to get for many American women.

This is cray cray, no? Parents paying money to name their grandkids.