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Let’s be honest: Mommy-and-me yoga isn’t really about getting an amazing workout (unless by mom-and-me, we’re talking about mom doing yoga and kid in the next room with a sitter — and if you’re loving that idea, check out Priya Hot Yoga, which offers exactly that for babies one year and up!). But there’s more to it than just getting your sweat on: Sometimes you just want to get out of the house and do something different with your kid. As it happens, mommy-and-me (or baby-and-me. or kid-and-mom) yoga classes aren’t always as easy to find as you might guess …  but they do exist. Here’s a little round-up of places that have it on offer on the regular!

Where: Mama’s Wellness Joint (Wash West)
The classes: MWJ is sort of the mecca for all kinds of mom and kid yoga — they regularly have several classes a week for moms and little ones (including a mom and baby class, as well as a class aimed at moms with babies on up through kids up to four!) Drop-in fee is $15, but there are also class card deals.

Where: Wake Up Yoga (Fairmount and South Philly)
The classes: Mommy-and-Me classes for moms and their not-yet-crawling little ones are offered at each location once a week. It’s $18 for a drop-in, and there are series deals, too (as it’s essentially built as an 8-week session).

Where: Sculpere (No Libs)
The classes: There’s a toddler yoga class (in which parent participation is welcome) and there’s also the darling-sounding baby-wearing ballet, which involves some low-impact barre work while wearing, yes, a carrier … as well as a little mat work sans carrier. (The latter isn’t on the schedule right now, but is on the roster of classes on offer in the rotation.)

Where: Belly Pilates (Bryn Mawr) 
The classes: Mommy-and-me yoga aimed at babies from six weeks to crawlers. Registration is required — $25 a class, or $100 for a 5-class package. (They also have infant massage classes!) 

Where: University City Arts League (University City) 
The classes: Family yoga for parents and kids ages 2 to 6. Quoth the site: “While this class is primarily run as an advanced-registration class for each 7-week session, drop-ins are also now welcome. The cost for drop-ins is $20 for 1 adult + 1 child, exact change in cash only.”

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