Spotlight: The MOMS Club of Philadelphia

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One of the benefits of parenting in the city is the network of support systems that we moms have at our fingertips: parenting centers; doulas and lactation consultants; the listservs; awesome consignment sales; etc, etc, etc. One awesome member of that list? The MOMS Club of Philadelphia — a social group made up of moms who want to connect with other moms (a.k.a. Get out of the house and have adult conversation). MOMS — an acronym for “moms offering moms support” —  is 110 women strong, and offers a handful of events a week via Meetup. Events are mostly geared to moms AND kids, but occasionally aimed just at moms, solo — so it attracts a variety of moms with a variety of schedules. Here’s the full scoop:

What: MOMS Club of Philadelphia is run by a group of Center City moms who want to offer “support, wisdom and encouragement” says President Vicky Martelli. (Vicky, who lives in Powelon Village, has been president since 2013, but a member for years before that. She’s also mom to almost-four-year-old Luca and two-year-old Leo.)

Why: To meet other moms; to have your kid meet other kids; to get out of the house; to connect with and enjoy the city … for starters.

Who: Moms in Greater Center City Philly — most moms have pre-K-aged kids and younger. “We do have a few moms who have older children, but they also have one or two young kids,” Vicky says. “We offer a lot of support for moms struggling though newborn, toddler and pre-K years, such as monthly Newborn Lunches, Rittenhouse Toddler Picnics; talks by sleep coaches and discipline experts, and etc.” The group tends to attract a lot of SAHM/part-time working moms (and women on maternity leave!) … but they also try to cater to working moms with monthly MOMS Nights Out, happy hours, Saturday playdates, and more.

The Activities: You can see some of the upcoming events here. “A typical month’s activities include playdates at a member’s home, meetings at local parks and playgrounds, visits to children’s museums and places of interest, as well as seasonal activities,” Vicky says. “Because our focus is on activities for moms and kids, children are welcome to attend all events.” There are also charitable activities, particularly around the holidays — toy drives and the like.

JoiningVisit the meetup page, and request membership. (You need to have a meetup account or create one to request membership.) The VP will then send a list of playdates you can attend — a potential member must meet a current member in order to join. (“Because we organize through meetup and children are involved, we want to make sure we have personal contact before allowing someone access to our event calendar and member profiles,” Vicky explains.) There’s also a closed Facebook page that members get access to — a resource for members about events, area info, playdates, questions, things for sale and so forth.  

Fees: Annual fee is $30, which covers the annual philanthropic donations, and food/drink costs for some larger events.

Want more info? Check out the meetup page, the Facebook page or email Lindsey Stromberg at