Weekend Bits: What It’s Really Like to Talk to a Toddler

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weekend bits

Anyone can be a princess on Halloween, indeed. This is the cutest, sweetest, best thing.

Speaking of Halloween: This (weather-proof!) party at the Please Touch Museum is going to be really adorable and fun.

OMG, Michael Solomonov has shared his hummus recipe. (Actually, he’s sharing all of his recipes. Can’t wait to get his beautiful new cookbook.)

A few new classes to be aware of: Center City Pediatrics just added the Lara & Joe Show to their weekly line-up; shows are every Tuesday! Also, the second fall session of classes at Creative Clubhouse begins soon. (It includes a “Kitchen Lab”, drama and painting classes, among others.)

“In 33 states and the District of Columbia, infant care costs more than the average cost of in-state tuition at public four-year institutions.” It’s no wonder that so many people simply can’t afford childcare.

The Old City Fest is Sunday, October 11 from noon to 6 p.m., and the Momo’s Tree House block of Arch Street (the 200 block) is going to be the family fun zone with food, crafts and more. Momo’s itself will have a tent with putty-mixing and temporary hair highlighting!

Please tell us you’ve seen this video of peewee footballers doing the Whip and Nae Nae in the middle of the game.

To laugh, or to cry? This is maybe the most accurate representation ever of dialogue between a parent and a toddler.