Weekend Bits: The Winter of Doom on the Horizon?

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weekend bits

Ugh. The winter is going to be bad. 

Today is Fall Family Fun Days at Sister Cities Park, y’all! Hayrides, face-painting, a Franklin Institute exhibit, treats and more! 11 a.m.

It’s really come to this — kids learning the best proactive ways to defend themselves against school shooters. Shall we all weep now?

Better go put on the Chopin: They’re saying kids need classical music in their lives now more than ever.

The takeaway from this great little NYT piece? Don’t be a jerk to parents on airplanes.

Some solid ideas here: 30 Little Things That Mean a Lot to Kids. (But sorry, kid, I’m not adopting a pet.)

The amazing science behind why kindness is so good for us.

Well this is nice. We all need encouragement like this, “difficult” kid or not.