Bits & Pieces: How to Stop Back Talking, the Importance of Chores, Being Honest About Being Ugly

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You know you are an adult when you realize you have to have the “sex talk” with your kids. Despite being totally awk, you really should: Turns out kids who talk about sex with their parents are more likely to use condoms and birth control.

In charge of Thanksgiving but don’t want to cook? Fette Sau can hook you up with complete (and delicious) turkey dinner that feeds the crew.

If your hair, like mine, was never quite the same post baby, you aren’t alone. Turns out a lot of celebs wear fake hair on a daily basis. And you can too!

Did your partner have the glamorous job of helping you pee after you had your baby? He/She is a keeper.

Works for me: Moms who put their kids to bed earlier have better mental health.

Hilarious answers to homework questions from real kids. My fave — Q: Why are there rings on Saturn? A: Because he put a ring on it.

Don’t feel bad about making your kids clear the table. Turns out kids who do chores grow up to be successful adults.

Hey y’all: 20 delish things you can make with biscuit dough.

Got a child who talks back? (I do.) Here Wee pal Vicki Glembocki tries a bunch of different sass-busting methods on her three daughters and sees which one is best. (Via Parents magazine.)

These days, we are constantly bombarded with tips (and pressure) to be happier people, which is why I love this ode to being melancholy so much.

Here are the worst states to have a baby in. (Spoiler: we are screwed.)

This is a powerful read: Why parents should be honest about ugliness.