Bits & Pieces: The Best Toys for Indoor Play, Deciphering Baby Sickness, the Stress of Kindergarten

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This is how Kindergarten in America became way too focused on academics¬†… at the sacrifice of play. (It’s a big bummer, really.)

If you haven’t seen it yet, this video of a toddler saying her prayers (basically thanking everyone in her life) that her parents heard through the video monitor is insanely sweet. Watch until the end when she says “Amen”.

Turns out postpartum depression might actually begin during pregnancy, and so screening might start earlier.

Here’s some advice for knowing when your baby’s cold is just a cold, or when it’s more.

This is just another reason why Harry Potter books are awesome.

Eight great (and city-great) winter boots that are on sale right now.

Here’s a great list of 30 toys and games for active indoor play.