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There are almost no words to describe how much a mom can benefit from having support and friends and people to listen and talk to after having a baby. I think most moms could attest that the adjustment period after giving birth is a weird, sometimes wonderful, sometimes terrible time that can be isolating in a lot of ways. And so we’re always happy to point people toward groups like one Wee friend and psychotherapist Perri Borish is running over at Center City Pediatrics: The Postpartum and New Parent Therapy Group is a weekly meet-up that moms can sign up for as a six-week session, or just drop in to. It’s all about moms getting together to talk, to be heard, to feel supported.

“I really want to build awareness, and to make it less shameful to admit that most of us have some kind of postpartum adjustment,” Perri says. “There’s still so much stigma associated with not being ‘the perfect mother’, and there’s a pressure to love every minute of motherhood. There are just so many myths of motherhood, and when a group of moms come together, we can debunk those myths and support each other in the actual realities of motherhood, which helps make them feel okay about whatever they’re feeling.” Plus, she adds, “I also believe in the power of women and their ability to support and nurture each other. It’s really magical to watch. Part of why I do this is that I really enjoy helping women create that safe space.”

The group is aimed at any mother struggling with the transition to motherhood (which is almost everyone, no?), whether she’s a first-time mom, or a second- or third-timer, or an adoptive mother. (Dads, Perri says, are welcome, though they’re not the target demo.) Moms are also very welcome to bring their babies. It’s a great opportunity not just to be surrounded by people who understand the way you’re feeling and what your life is like at this moment, but also, as Perri notes, to make “lifetime friends who have children in the same age range. This group gives women a touch point every week, and a community to be a part of.”

You do not have to be a Center City Pediatrics patient to come to the group, and you’re welcome to sign up for the entire six-week session (next one starts on February 17), or just drop in any time to check it out — you can also preregister for the drop-in. (Perri says a lot of women drop in first to check it out, then end up signing up for the series.) Check out the site for specific dates and times, and pricing info — and if you have specific questions, you can reach out to Perri at

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