Your Lego-Lover Will Flip Over These Classes

A new business brings Lego-based classes, events and parties to Philly and the Main Line Read more


Legos are the best, right? In my house, it’s one of few screen-less activities that can keep my daughter engaged for a while. It’s also something my husband and I enjoy  — not that another game of Candyland doesn’t sound, um, awesome, sweets.

And of course, there are a bunch of educational aspects of Lego-play that your child doesn’t detect: direction-following, teamwork, problem solving, spacial relations, creativity, and more.

And now, thanks to Graduate Hospital dad Larry Davis and his new Snapology business, kids can enjoy Legos in a whole new way.

Larry has a variety of class options, for kids aged three and up, from themed play (think Minecraft) to pre-school appropriate ones (think bigger blocks) to the super-cool animation and robotics classes, in which a computer program interacts with the Lego projects to bring them to life. (Check out the videos here.)

He’ll continue to roll out classes around the city and Main Line, but to see the concept in action, check out a one-day preview event for at By My Side in Fishtown on Saturday. (RSVP here.)

He also does birthday parties, private classes and more.

Check out his FB page here.

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