Survival Swimming Lessons for Babies, Toddlers and Kids

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ISR Swimming Lessons

Some of our most perennially popular posts on the site involve swimming lessons, namely where to get them in the city. (You can see our last round-up of spots to learn here.) But we’d be remiss to not also remind everyone about the amazing Infant Swimming Resource of Philadelphia, which aren’t offered in the city right now, but which are special enough that you might find them really worth the trip to the ‘burbs.

So what’s the deal? The self-rescue survival swim classes teach tiny ones skills designed specifically to save their lives should they find themselves in a dangerous situation. ISR, which was founded in 1966, is a nationally run program with six teachers in the Philly area.Babies from 6 months to 1 year learn how to flip themselves from face-down to face-up in the pool (they even practice doing that in their shoes and diapers, to simulate real-life situations); older ones (1 to 6 years) learn a technique called float-to-swim that involves alternately floating on the back to get air and then flipping to swim toward safety, and then floating, then swimming, and so on. (You should really watch the video here, or here, on the Today Show or NBC’s Nightly News. It’s pretty amazing stuff.)

The program involves a decent level of commitment; lessons are taught one-on-one in 10-minute increments for  five days a week, for six weeks. Registration fees are $105; each week of classes is $110 to $150, depending on the location. Enrollment is ongoing, and there are sessions offered in Fort Washington, Newtown Square, and Blue Bell, as well as Medford, Marlton and Cherry Hill. You can also check out the site for more information and more background, and if you have questions about a specific location, contact the location’s instructor.